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Situations we learn from!

So the idea for this thread came to my mind after reflecting on something that recently happened to me. I went to a festival with a bunch of friends and I randomly came across a girl who I thought was absolutely gorgeous. I mustered up the courage to start a conversation with her and we talked for a while and found that we had a few mutual interests - after 10 minutes I had developed a mini crush.


All of my friends were trying to encourage me to ask her out but I didn't! I said bye and walked away LOL. At the time I was thinking  "she probably has a boyfriend...she wouldn't be interested" etc, but later that night I was plagued by the "what if" kinda thoughts. What if she didn't have a boyfriend, and what if she was interested!? I'll never know. 


I was filled with regret (and still am a little) but recently thought of a better way to look at it. Instead of regretting my actions and the entire situation, I forced myself to think of it as a chance to learn, prepare, and get it right the next time!


I doubt it'll be easy, but next time I meet someone i'm interested in, i'm going to remember that night and make sure I just push myself and give it a shot. 



So, here's my two questions to everyone!


1. Have you had a situation or experience you've been through that made you feel regret?

2. How do you think you can learn from it to make better choices in the future?

Re: Situations we learn from!

This is a great idea for a thread @benjamin_ I love it!

For me, well, I regret most social situations that I'm in because I can't seem to be able to converse properly with other people around my age. Especially leading up to the outing, if it's now with people I'm comfortable around, I get all nervous and want it to be cancelled (because who doesn't love it when plans are cancelled?).
What I've learned? Not much, I can barely remember then anyway to be honest, these things just kind of slip from my mind.

Re: Situations we learn from!

thanks @N1ghtW1ng !I know what you mean about being nervous. I get that way whenever i'm with new people and it takes quite a bit out of me to put myself out there and be social sometimes. Sometimes the nerves can make it difficult to think clearly and have comfortable, flowing conversations with people too.


Do you have an idea of the kind of people you're comfortable with? Sometimes it can be easier to get along with likeminded people, perhaps someone you share certain interests or hobbies with.

Re: Situations we learn from!

Well I have two friends from home and two here. Three are as weird as I am(although I am definitely weirder, no question), none share my love of comics, two half share my love of shows.

Social situations just freak me out a little, depending on the who, what and where.

Re: Situations we learn from!

It must be sweet to have people who share your love of shows @N1ghtW1ng 


I only have a couple friends who share the same weird sense of humour as me and it's the best. 

Re: Situations we learn from!

@benjamin_ I have had a similar (but not similar) experience as this - major regret but I learnt for sure...
So I went to this party with some mates of mine and a girl from work was there (when I worked in hospitality) it was pretty dark and I was heading towards drunk, so obviously I didn't really make the connection between the person I was talking to/super cute girl from work and I was sort of in aw... Because she had two jobs she didn't mention the cafe we worked out in the conversation because well... She thought i knew who she was. Or maybe I wasn't listening - that was probably it.
Anyway, so we were talking for ages and ending up getting it going in my car, lolz...
Needless to say when the photos went up on facebook later that night/early the next day I was pretty embarrassed... Having an 8 hour shift with her two days later was heaps of fun
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Situations we learn from!

@benjamin_ It's kind of nice but I'm afraid I have yet to meet someone who is at my level. And by that I mean I have an excellent memory when it comes to shows that I enjoy, which means I can quote them almost perfectly, name every episode(with some shows) and often identify seasons and episodes(names or not, sometimes just number) of scenes. It only takes me two times to get most of it stuck in my head too.

@j95 oh I did that the other day! Granted the circumstances were different, but I was talking to someone I thought was a complete stranger (and thought it was weird because he was talking to me like we knew each other) and it wasn't until later that night that I realised he was my counselor(not mental health counselor, something different). I don't think he noticed though, hopefully!

Re: Situations we learn from!

hahahah no way @j95 that is crazy. You must have had quite a few for you to not realize who she was that entire time. Are you sure you regret that? Lol. 


@N1ghtW1ng Ah yep. I get what you mean, I love shows but I do know someone who makes heaps of references to them and notices all these little things that I never even pick up. Sometimes it's hard to find someone on the same level so you gotta compromise! I'm super passionate about mental health and psychology and find that I can be overwhelming for some people cause I can talk for ages. I can't say I know anyone who loves talking about it as much as me so I gotta compromise until I do!


That situation with your counsellor is pretty funny. I had a situation like that a while ago at university. I bumped into someone before an exam at uni and  she looked really surprised to see me and was like "hey! how are you!". I went along with small talk, pretending like I knew her. To this day I have no idea who she was. 

Re: Situations we learn from!

@benjamin_ it was so dumb, I can't remember what it was that I was drinking or how much I had, but I'm guessing it was more than just a couple. I have definitely learnt something from this experience - I don't know what it is but I have learnt. Maybe don't get so drunk you don't know who you're hitting up. I was also fairly new to the job so that might of played a part in not recognising her. Still so weird that it happened and I had no idea though. Really only knew who she was the next morning when there was photos on Facebook of us chatting
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//