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Six Pack!

Hey guys it's time for us men to get serious and have a good deep and meaningful conversation!


How do I get a six pack by SUMMER !! aha


Any tips from guys or gals would help Smiley Happy))


K GO!!

Re: Six Pack!

Haha I was just thinking this myself...


I don't think there's an easy way to it, just eat healthy and do something active everyday.


Load and loads of sit ups aren't going to help either as you need to get rid of the fat first. 



Re: Six Pack!

Having a six pack is a nice goal but I also wonder whether it's right for everyone…?


That said, michine is right in that you need a diverse work out regime (not just sit-ups). You should also be mindful of what you eat and when. Make sure there's plenty of protein in your diet to support your increased exercise levels. The rest of the food should be healthy, too, without too many carbohydrates (but there should still be some - don't cut them out entirely).


Above all else, however, the most important things you need are patience and perseverence. Most people give up after one or two weeks. I know I usually do. You have to stick with it for a couple of months; then you should notice some results. Smiley Happy

Re: Six Pack!

I think the point is we can all try and be that little bit healthier. Whether that's doing one push up a day or 30 push ups a day. It's a step in the right direction.


Having said this, I hear that getting abs is 80% to do with your diet and 20% with exercise. Smiley Happy


Anywho, I hear it's recommended that people get 30 minutes of moderate/intense exercise for 4 or more days.

I've been trying to do at least a good 5-10 minutes a day just before I head off from home.


If quitting smoking is anything like this, then I think I can understand how hard it is to quit.   

Re: Six Pack!

80% diet? Jeez, I don't think I could manage this...Smiley Tongue


I think it's just as Lex said, it's all about patience and perseverance. I like to think of physical health like mental health - to keep a strong mind, you have to keep it active. 

Re: Six Pack!

ummm get an ab twister? they're the magical solution to all life's ills aren't they? Smiley Tongue

Re: Six Pack!

@Jay Dee.. I want an ab twister how effective is it really coz its quite pricey?? 


I reckon guys lose more weight and get six packs faster than women do

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Six Pack!

@ruenhonx - from what I can tell, they're only as effective as going to the gym would be as well, you've still got to do cardio and eat properly Smiley Wink

Re: Six Pack!

cheers guys!!! any other suggestions any specific exercises or foods??

Re: Six Pack!

Not sure I can give you specifics on that. Smiley Happy

I remember reading that eating a high protein breakfast before some outdoor exercise (like running) should help.

Don't forget there's a section here about Staying Fit and Healthy:

Smiley Happy