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Sleep and moving

I recently found out that after living here for half my life, my family is moving to a completely different country in Asia. Things were looking up for me, I've been getting straight A's, I have amazing and supportive friends and a lovely boy friend but ever since I've found out about the move, everybody's been very distant but I reckon that's due to my mood as well. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping and often break down several times in a night thinking about eventing. My parents expect good marks and are sending me to an exclusive fifty grand a year school which is putting a lot of pressure on me as I'm scared I won't be able to live up to their hopes and expectations of me.

Re: Sleep and moving

Hi there @sleepandschool - looks like you'e new to the forum, so welcome! Glad you're here  Heart 

Moving countries is a really difficult change to your whole life - it's completely understandable that you're losing sleep and feeling overwhelmed about it. Moving away from your sportive network of friends and boyfriend must be a scary and sad thing to think about Smiley Sad

Have you spoken to your parents about how you're feeling about the move? 

Do you know how long you'll be in Asia for? 

Moving is challenging, and it's really important that you get a chance to talk about how you're feeling and get support through the whole process. 

Let us know how you're feeling today. We're here to listen 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Sleep and moving

Hi @sleepandschool
I'm so sorry to hear this, I can completely relate. I had to move from Canada to Australia and to be honest at first I found it really challenging, but I can say that it really helped me grow and become the person I am today! I wouldn't have had it any other way. The good news is you have established a strong bond with your friends and boyfriend, those bonds won't go away easily. With technology today thank goodness that we can keep in touch with others.
Do you know how long you will be there for?
Also with your marks it sounds like you're an amazing student! That's great to hear Heart

Re: Sleep and moving


I have talked to my parents but only my mum as my dad travels extremely frequently. My parents are both very very excited to be moving back to Singapore after 5 years because we have a lot of family and friends there. My friends are doing everything they can to make my last two weeks of school memorable but I still feel like crying every time I’m with anyone becuase all I can think about is moving and leaving all of them behind. Thank you so much for helping me with this ❤️

Re: Sleep and moving

Thanks Smiley Happy
I will stay there for two years and move away for university. I am planning to come back to Australia for university but I have a strong feeling that my parents want me to stay with them for university. I have lived in Singapore before and have friends there however they’ve since changed and I’m not sure I can really become friends with them again. Thanks 🙏 @missep

Re: Sleep and moving

That must be really hard to leave your friends behind @sleepandschool. I am sorry that this is out of your control. Hopefully you are able to decide where you want to live when it is time to start university and you will have many different options. It has been a little while since you've been back to Singapore although I find some friendships can really stand the test of time. It is totally up to you but you could reconnect with your old friends to see whether you can become friends again. What has your mum said about you being concerned about moving? Cat Happy

Re: Sleep and moving

It sounds like you have very sweet friends here in Australia @sleepandschool
Sounds like lifelong friends to me Smiley Happy
Do you think your parents would be okay with you going to university here in Australia if you explained it to them?
That's great that you have friends in Singapore! Are you thinking about reconnecting with them? There is a small chance that they may be different and that's okay because you are growing as a person too. But on the other hand there is a big chance that you will be able to pick things up where they left off!
There was a 6 year gap from when I left Canada to when I visited my friends, I was so nervous because I didn't know if they were going to be the same or if they changed. It actually turned out really well and our friendship was rekindled easily.
I hope this is the case for you Heart

Re: Sleep and moving

@Taylor-RO @missep I’m not sure but I do have full intention of moving back to Australia. I do from time to time talk to them and they’re changed so much as people as the last time we really talked in person was when we were in year four, (I’m in year ten now) so I’m not sure our friendship will rekindle. My mum is not worried about me and sorta brushes off my concerns but I understand her perspective as she and my family are super excited to move back whereas I’m the only one to not.

Re: Sleep and moving

Hi @sleepandschool,


Will you be returning to the same school you attended when you were in Singapore before? Do you have any relatives who are also attending the same school?


I really hope, as @missep has said, that the friends you knew from Singapore will help you to settle back in. It's also okay to feel like you have grown into different people too- I really hope that at your school you will find like minded people who will help support you through the move Heart

Re: Sleep and moving

Hi @sleepandschool I wanted to check up on you and see how you were going Smiley Happy
Here for you!