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Sleep is something that we talk about a little bit on RO. We had a chat on it not very long ago, but I was thinking it would be good to continue the conversation because it is so relevant to maintaining a positive wellbeing. 


Sleep is something I had struggled with my entire life. I wouldn't sleep all night, constantly waking up or not getting any sleep at all until ridiculous hours of the morning, sometimes not at all! It was really affecting my mental health, but... since January this year I've been sleeping all night, every night and usually at a reasonable time, there has been a couple of bumps, but a large majority of the time my sleep is really good. 


I am interested in hearing from others about what they do to make sure they get a decent full nights rest? 


I block out all light, make the room as dark as it can possibly be so no light from under the doorway, no flashing standby lights, no bright red light from an alarm clock. Then I use an app that plays rain sounds, I play it loud enough that I can't hear housemates, tv in the next room, just the rain. I try to chill out before bed as much as I can, just put the phone away, and spend a little bit of time just relaxing, not thinking about anything too massive though or I'll stress out and get no sleep.  


So yeah, just interested to hear what other people do, and if you're struggling with sleep maybe you'll find some helpful tips here.


RO has a heap of resources like thisour recent sleep GR and this

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Re: Sleep

Hey @j95, awesome job inproving your sleeping habbits!

I wasn't sleeping well for about two years, but recently I have improved my sleeping pattern a heap for the first time in a long time I am sleeping all night. I have done this by going to bed at the same time each night or close enough to the same time every night. Also waking up at the same time. I have also now stopped checking my phone at night if I wake up before my alarm I just try and go back to sleep without checking the time.

Re: Sleep

@j95 this is an awesome idea for a thread and congrats for improving your sleeping habits!

I usually get a full nights sleep although it took me forever to actually get some sleep. So now, I've started playing music from a show, it's mostly nice relaxing music but all of it is enjoyable. At first, my speaker had lights so Ihid it in my drawer with clothes to block the light until I figured out how to turn the light off (yay!).
It's funny really, I uses to have to sleep with the door open and the hall light on. Then it evolved to an open door and now I sleep with my door closed because of my bird but now also because I have to.
Unfortunately for me, I'm still always tired because I usually got about 10 hours sleep at night, which at the time Ithought was a good thing but apparently it's not and I am forever tired.

Re: Sleep

This is an awesome idea for a thread @j95!


I've started sleeping with the door shut in total darkness as well! I also need proper silence, which is harder to achieve than it sounds when you live next door to a dog that likes to bark at 2am for minutes at a time Smiley Mad

I also put my phone face down on the floor, partly because I don't want to be woken by my phone flashing at me when I get messages and facebook notifications from friends who never seem to sleep, and partly because I have to drag at least part of myself out of bed to turn off the alarm.

That being said, I've always been a light sleeper. I've found that when I reached my late teens I stopped needing to sleep for 10 hours a night as well, and I wake pretty easily so sometimes getting an unbroken night's sleep is a struggle

Re: Sleep

Thanks for starting this conversation @j95 – what a great idea! I'm really enjoying everyone's tips and @Grake, I'm now going to get in the habit of not checking my phone before the alarm, too.

Re: Sleep

@safari93 have you tred Do Not Disturb mode?? I know that on iPhone you can set the times so your alarm will still go off.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Sleep

@j95 this is such an awesome thread! I didn't get a chance to be involved in the sleep hygiene GR so it's great to have a chance to chat about sleep on the forums still!


I've been struggling a bit with my sleeping habits over the past few weeks. I keep waking up at 3 or 4am and can't seem to fall back to sleep for at least an hour. I usually just lie in bed on my phone, but last night (this morning?) I decided to get up and knit, rather than tossing and turning on my phone for hours. I ended up making a heap of progress on the scarf I've been working on, and it helped me to feel calm and relaxed enough to go back to bed.


I'm starting a new job next week and feeling a bit nervous/stressed about that, so I think tonight I'll try some relaxation techniques/mindfulness - I always seem to feel super sleepy after using the RO Breathe app Smiley Happy


@N1ghtW1ng that's a great idea to cover your speaker (yay for the light switch!) - I have a powerboard to charge my phone near my bed with lights on it, so I might move it away and see if that helps.