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So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam prep!

Hi all,


Exams are just around the corner as I am sure you are all aware by now. I am feeling good about my exam (only got 1). So far I have revised the first 2 weeks worth of content. And today I had a look at the practice exam we have been provided with. The teaching staff have made us aware that the practice exam provides a pretty good insight into what we can expect on our exam. So far what I have had a look at has been fairly straight forward, I am confident that some of the questions will be hit for six - others are gonna need a little more preparation on. I am not really stressing out about the exam, I have done quite a few now (being in my 3rd year) and I have no doubt this exam will be just as fine as previous exams I have sat. Since I started two years ago, I really have never stressed out about exams and I put it down to one main reason: the more you prepare, the more you diminish the fear that you won't do well - and the more you dimish the feelings of anxiety and trepidation!


As mentioned in the title - feel free to share your exam preparation tips!


This fellow ROer is wishing you nothing but the best for your exam(s) - I have no doubt whatsoever you will do fine!

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

Great tips for exam preparation! Lovely to see at this time of the study period.

I can definitely understand how preparing can diminish anxiety or fear of not doing well. Sometimes people can still feel anxious no matter how much they prepare! I personally make time for self care strategies or things that are important to me during exam time. For example, during exam time I try to increase water intake and exercise and this makes me feel 'at my best'.

I also try to take solace in the fact that we have spent a lot of time throughout the semester/trimester on this material and so a lot of it would have stuck in your head (more than you realise). If not or you feel some areas are extra difficult, I emphasise on these areas and give them more attention.

I know this one is easier said than done but I try not to work myself up and practice positive self talk (or just avoiding negative self talk).

These are my personal strategies so they may not work for anyone else.. Let me know if you use these or have tried them! All the best and good luck.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

@Super_Me Some great tips here. I am with you on this one there is nothing more calming and stress relieving walking into an exam than knowing that you have prepared yourself the best you can for it. 


I think my main piece of advice for exams is to go to your classes, there is so much to learn and going to class, listening and taking solid notes throughout the semester can make studying for exams so much easier and less stressful. 


Best of luck everyone. Smiley Happy 

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

I haven't had any exams since high school, but this semester I do actually have one. The main thing I'm going to try to do is not to leave everything to the last minute, mostly because I think what's probably going to be really important is not being stressed out and doing detrimental things on the day/night before.
If you've been paying any attention or attended at all you will have learnt something, I may not feel confident that I've learnt everything but I know more than I did before the class. The point of the exam is simply to see that I have gotten something out of the class.

So, I'll be reminding myself of that, and making sure that the immediate lead up to my exam is as stress-free as I can make it.

This means
- having a cut of time on the night before my exam where I will no longer study. So I either have to start exam prep earlier or deal with not getting all of the revision in.
- Having everything already ready for walking straight in (so I won't be rushing around in the last five minutes before I leave to find a pen)
- Enabling myself to have as good a night sleep as possible. Enough time for a full amount of hours, and time to settle into those hours.
- If possible, I want to try to eat something to give me a bit more energy and potentially calm my stomach. Also aiming to have had at least one glass of water before leaving.
- Getting to the venue early, giving me time to listen to some good songs or watch some youtube vids to further settle in to the situation.

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

What areat idea to talk about this now, with exams coming up so soon for everyone! I actually don't have any exams this semster (phew!) but I think one of the best things you can do to prepare for the exam is to know the exam format! It makes a huge difference if you're preparing for a multiple choice exam compared to an exam where you have to write an essay.


Like, if I'm studying for a multiple choice exam I'll focus on making sure I understand the details of what I'm studying really well since most of the time the questions will try to trip you up with two really similar answers which comes down to the detail. If it's an essay I'll focus on understanding the overall themes/content of the subject and the links between different parts so that I can write a coherent and well put-together essay. And of course what everyone else has already said here, prepare well and make sure you take care of yourself while studying!


Good luck everyone! Smiley Happy

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

I find a two-part approach worked best for me in my exams.


1. Learn the content in a way that works best for you. For me that meant a lot of explaining concepts to family or my bedroom wall. Doing this helped me realised what gaps in my knowledge exists so I could then chase down that info.


2. Give the examiners what they want. This won't work for everyone, but I knew I needed great marks for the course I wanted to get into so I had to tick boxes and write to the test (unfortuntely). So in VCE, looking at the CheckPoints book and speaking to my teachers about how to best phrase responses for marks worked best for me.


These tips aren't relevent to all subjects (like folio subjects and performance ones) but for the most part, they worked really well for me. Especially the first one - STUDY IN A WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU!!


And good luck to everyone with exams coming up! I believe in you Smiley Happy 

Re: So this is what I am doing to prepare for my exam - feel free to piggback my post w/ your exam p

Hi @Super_Me!
I think that there are many different types of ways to learn i.e. auditory, verbal, visual. 
I myself, am a visual learner so when I revise for exams I like to write on my whiteboard with many different colour markers. 
I like to make mindmaps and even draw pictures next to concepts to really make them stick in my mind. 
What kind of learner do you think you are? Smiley Very Happy