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Re: Social Fear

That is good to hear bee, yeah, its funny how the right frames can make you feel like you can conquer the world. 

Re: Social Fear

On the topic of glasses, I love glasses. I was 13 when I first got them and I felt a bit silly then but I embraced this thing that made me different from my peers and saw them not as something to correct an impairment but as something which enhanced me. Smiley Wink
I still assert that now that it's been well over 10 years!

That aside, and it's a little embarrassing to say it, but I happen to think girls with glasses are the cutest. Smiley Frustrated
I don't know why but something about it works for me every time.

So, don't be worried about specs - not only do they give you superpowers, they might even make you cuter (to people like me). Smiley Wink

Re: Social Fear

I totally think glasses are sexy - and anyone who would judge you for wearing them can just bugger off Smiley Wink
I've only started needing to wear glasses full time this year, I've always *wanted* glasses, I love them! But now that I have them, I get a little frustrated at times, so I'm trying to get used to contacts too.

Re: Social Fear

Ha ha... I thought I was the only one! I seriously have a thing for people wearing specs - always have. I don't know why - but they are dead sexy. Like you Jay-Dee, I have always wanted to wear them as well. I found an optimistic years ago who was happy to tell me I needed reading glasses and charge me for some, but I later got my eyes tested by a family friend who is an optometrist and he broke the tragic news to me that I actually have perfect 20/20 vision! 


So don't worry about being dissed for wearing glasses - in fact you should be celebrating as far as I am concerned!!!!!! 






Re: Social Fear

Thank You Lex, Jay-Dee and Benny W. It is comforting to hear positive compliments about wearing glasses, I am going to start wearing glasses in public and as you guys have mentioned it will make me look unique. 


Thank You =DD


Re: Social Fear

That's it! But a bit of my problem was being self consious (spelling?) and being afraid of the typical "four eyes" comments I heard people dish out while in primary school....
But now I embrace my frames, they are unqiuely me Smiley Happy

@Lex, Jayy-Dee, BennyW; when I first read your posts about specs I smiled and laughed a bit... honestly I had no idea people could find it attractive! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Social Fear

Thats good to hear Bee, I am slowley starting to embrace my frames.  I try to come on here more frequent but I have been really busy!


First of all I would like to say thank you for all the motivation. I would also like confess something. Due to recent events, I am glad to have the life I have. 


Two days ago I had an car accident, and I lucky to only have had minor cuts. But the love and support I have recived from my family and friends is overwhelming. I never knew people actually cared for me much. This leads to  the Amanda Todd's story(


Whilest growing up, I went through a lot of bullying... It was not as bad as Amanda's or alot of those inccoent people who sufferd the same fate as Amanda.  But it was bad, that it did lead me to attmept sucide. This is my first time talking about it openly. My parents are still unawre of this.  God was definatly looking over me, it is why I am here, happeir then even.  


My point of posting this one here is to say... Life will throw soo much shit at you. But just as strong as a brickwall.... It is okay to fall weak, but rememeber that there are people out there who love youu lots... They could be your parents, sibling, best/freinds, cousins, life partenrs.... anybody. I rembeber, when my dad saw a small cut on my hand after the accident, he broke down into tears. I thought to myself what would of he done if he saww that many years back...

Don't ever let the bullies win, stay strong. I must say that this generation is lucky to have internet because of website like reachout.... make use of them and If anything is troubling you speak out on here... People will listen and  help you!


R.I.P Amanda Todd, and all the other victims of bullying sucide!



Re: Social Fear

I'm convinced that people won't like me. So I am very quiet, hardly speak at all. Always nervous & uncomfortable around people . I will hide if possible

Re: Social Fear

@4everAlone I'm sorry to hear that. I hear that you feel very anxious and uncomfortable in social situations. RO is a judgement-free space, and we're here to listen and support you. I've replied to your other thread, so would you prefer to keep chatting over there?

Re: Social Fear

@Jaz First of all appalsing you for having the courage to come and talk about it. It is a big acheivement just recognising that something isn't right. Smiley Happy


I have stuggled with some anxiety around social situations and at time it can be really scary over time though I have learned to manage and over come it. 

Here are my top three things you could try to help to overcome some of this fear: 

1. Go out and expose yourself to social situtions bare and mind you can just take it slowly. Build up with the number of people when you start to feel comfortable. So for example start with 1 or 2 people and meet at a park then build up the number of people overtime. 

2. This may sound really silly but what I did to overcome some of my anxiety around social situation is go to my local shops and go in and out of shops, most of the time smaller shops in centres will have staff that will great you and you will naturally learn to reply and get better at it over time. Always remember when you get to feel to overwhelmed take a break and try again the next day. 

These two options above are something called exposure which you could look up and find out more info about if you like and you think that they might work! Smiley Happy 


My 3rd thing to help calm you down when this fear arrises and will also be helpful in the suggestions I have above is some mindfullness, mindful breathing it is the one I like the best but there is heaps others that could help you get a handle on your fear. If you want to know more reply and I will give you a few links to the ones I use. 


How do you feel about these? Do you think they would help?