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Re: Social Isolation

Hi @Bento 


Thank you for sharing. I hope you don't mind but I have had to remove part of your post about your story. Even though you are describing fiction, some of the themes are still quite violent and may be triggering for readers, hence removing it. 


It's really good that you are feeling motivated to write though! You come across as quite articulate over the forums, so I'm guessing you'd have no trouble writing a good story. 


Have you considered potentially searching for a forum for authors or people writing books? I'm unsure if such forums exist,  but if they do, it could be a really good place for you to express some of your ideas. On a forum like that, it's likely you'd get lots of awesome feedback too. I guess it's just a matter of whether one exists? Maybe have a look and let me know how you go?


Otherwise, we also have a writer's thread here where you can post some of your writing, so long as it's not too long and is appropriate for the forums. Smiley Happy

Re: Social Isolation

I’m very sorry if I went too far in describing my story. My biggest fear preventing me from writing again is that it will be too disturbing and triggering, and so I haven’t risked it. However there is some good news on that front; Discovery College is having a one day course on writing for mental health and self-expression that’s on in 2 weeks, and I was in time to enroll in it. I look forward to that.


These past few days I’ve been feeling very nervous, uncertain and uncomfortable again, mostly due to some recent news, but we don’t have to talk about it. November is usually a hard time for me mentally, and I think it’s because the year’s nearing it’s end and tensions are usually very high. In fact I think this might be my least favourite month of the year. Some might say it’s superstition, and maybe it is, but I still feel nervous.


But in lighter news, I’ve been focusing more on my drawing lately. I’ve always loved to draw, I don’t know if I’ve really shared that much on this site, but right now I’m building an art portfolio in the hopes that next year I can attend some events that have artist alleys where I can sell my art.


Re: Social Isolation

Hey @Bento 


Thank you for your post; it's really brave to share these things.  I'm really happy to read that you've been focusing on your drawing recently Smiley Happy and that you may be attending a writing workshop.  Thus, despite November being a tough month for you and you feeling anxious, you've still managed to do these creative things.  That's really impressive and shows real resilience.  Heart

Re: Social Isolation

A few days ago I watched an episode of Queer Eye in Japan, which I recommend for mental health support even though I’m not LGBT+ myself, and ever since then it got me thinking that I worry too much about what other people think. I don’t cope well when bad things that are completely out of my control happen, and because some bad news or something someone says can completely ruin my mood, I’m really not even in control of my happiness. These days everyone is so worried about what other people think and say that they let it get to them way too much, and they worry about toxic people that make them feel like garbage to the point where they push away the people they love. Because of this I don’t trust my own thoughts and values, because I feel like if I have an opinion that’s different from the norm than it is automatically invalid. So when I try to be positive and then everyone else is cynical and hateful, I find it so hard to rise above all the negativity.

Re: Social Isolation

Hey @Bento 


Did you like the new Queer Eye? I also watched it the other night and I think the show does raise a lot of the struggles so many people go through with their mental health. It's a wholesome show but I agree that it can get you thinking about your own vulnerabilities Heart 


I can relate to what your saying about worrying about what other people think of you. It can be so exhausting to be consumed by what other people may or may not think. I think it's important to be aware of the fact that it's a challenge you have because that's the first step towards letting it go. Have you ever spoken to a friend or family member about it? 


You sound like the type of person who strives to see the good and positivity in the world Heart It's okay to not always feel positive though - that is also a part of life.