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Social media and being less accessible

Hi ReachOut ,


We talk a whole lot about unplugging but a lot of us do run brands/businesses on social media.


I've got a new smart phone lately.


My unplugging so far.


Turned off:


Youtube unsubscribe ( Let's face it people online arent mentally well all the time and we can give them a break they aren't going anywhere )

 FB ( small businesses)



News ( stop caring about world or attitudes you can't control )

Twitter( wars are occur uncontrollably)

Media can get too saturated.

Reddit ( too many conspiracies and memes kept at a premium)


Favouring ebooks over reading something online. Eg newsportal


RN reading betootas Australia would bang 7/11


I still have what's app which let's face it gets abusive by it's participants.


My attitude to Netflix is when I watch one whole episode start to finish. I feel calm as heck as I finish one story.


Making time to turn off can be my new goal. What other Digital self care anyone could give me to work on start me with 5 as new years resolutions to be mono focused  and be academically well ? Through out the year.


Reach out is like my loyal for life for social media girl friend for now.


1. Have an assertive mind is my priority for me. 


Let them roll.

Re: Social media and being less accessible

Hi @BunnyWalks,


It sounds like you have been making some really positive changes to cut down the impact of technology on your life. Cutting down technology can be so hard when it has become such a big part of our lives, so I really want to acknowledge your courage in determination in committing to less screen time Smiley Happy


I like that you have really thought about the impact that each individual online service has on your wellbeing. Identifying which ones are helpful and which ones may be unhelpful is fantastic! Am I right in reading that you are thinking of making this one of your New Year's Resolutions? 


Checking social media and other platforms can be really tempting when cutting back on technology. Do you have some ideas about how you can maintain the technology break?


Check out our community activities calendar for October 2019 here

Re: Social media and being less accessible

Hi Jess I read the post will reply them in the evening I've got uni soon