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Songs that make you happy :D

I'm like a super music nerd

I could spend hours sitting around and making playlist....I love it.

So I thought I would gather a playlist from the thoughts of you lovely people.

The topic is songs that make you know those songs you blast out of your stereos when your feeling sad.

Listen to on your ipod to stay calm before a big exam.

Shout out at the topic of your lungs when driving with your windows down.  

Thats what I'm looking for.



I'll start..

My happy song is Mr. Jones by Counting Crows. The lyrics are hopeful while at the same time cathartic and the tune is catchy and infectious.


Here's a link if anyone wants to listen



Hoping to hear form everyone





Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Great idea!


Here are three songs that always make me happy:


1234 - Feist


Ageless Beauty - Stars


Don't Falter - Mint Royale


Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


(p.s. I edited your post so it included the video too Smiley Wink )


Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Hi penfeather!
Welcome to the forums!!!

Great thread and GREAT song choice Smiley Happy
Mr Jones takes me back so's one of those songs that instantly transports you back to when you first heard it...oh i LOVE it!!!

I'm now in such a 90s mood so my song choice is...


Rembrants - "I'll be there for you"


Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Great thread penfeather !


Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Hi Everyone


Thanks for the posts, all great and interestingsong choices.


I especially like catchy.


I thought of another song that makes me smile.

Catch my disease by Ben Lee.



P.S. sorry, not sure how to make the video appear on page. Link in above





Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Yay I love Ben Lee - it's been so long since I've heard this song...I am now awkwardly dancing to it in my room Smiley Happy

@penfeather and fosterthepeople - I edited your posts so your songs could appear Smiley Happy

Re: Songs that make you happy :D

Sweet. Penfeather that exact song helped me get through a really tough time when I was unwell a few years back.


Such catchy lyrics... love Ben Lee!


Thanks for reminding me of it's awesomeness!