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Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

Senior school can be tough. Even with the greatest of aspirations and ambitions, I have seen many students who struggle with the workload and in maintaining a balance, and the greatest example I would propose is myself. But seeing myself at the final stages has given me an opportunity to share the most important secret to excelling in high school. Consistency. A consistent routine in the way you conduct your studies and your extracurricular activities, with clear goal in mind, is by far the greatest tip a senior student can share. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

@thatjuangai This is a great thread, as someone who is now in first of year of university my advice to anyone in high school especially year 12 is to remember to take time off and add this into your routine, don't make studies or work everything. Which I know for me was easier said than done but I also know I would have done much better as I would have been less exhausted during the final push.

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

Hey @thatjuangai!

Nice job on giving great advice! I'm in second year uni now, and I find that routine is still important too. Personally, I find it difficult to stop working since I like feeling productive- but I have to admit, having more free time and spending time for myself is something I need to work on for a better balance. 


Balance is another great word. Learning to have routine, but be spontaneous sometimes too and do more things that make you happy. 

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

@ayrc_1904 It can help to change your mindset about relaxing or taking time, think about as a something it well allows you to be more productive which therefore make this time crucial and more productivity than letting yourself become exhausted. In addition, a productive way to relax is going for a walk or stretching and it's also important to take time to celebrate the big and small wins. You have also given great advice, balance is important within routine and increasing happiness is important too maybe even more than productivity

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

Hi Friend!

I have personally graduated, but I think this thread is very helpful. Something that I had struggled with during my time in high school, and I'm sure most students will relate - Is how do you overcome procrastination, and stay motivated? Additionally, especially in our age of technology how do you keep distractions minimal when so much work is done using a computer and the internet nowadays.

Thanks, hope the answers to my questions are helpful for others!

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

@Anzelmo I utilise the apps that limit time spent on another app or site and block my use of app or sites as desired

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

In response to your struggles, one thing I have continuously fell back on is making a list of activities to be done throughout the week, and allocating adequate time for me to complete them without stress. I divide these into weekly recurring tasks (eg. UCAT mock exam, Trail past paper, etc.), and into other activities which are one and done. Then I allocate them time slots on my weekly calendar, and try my best to complete each one to the best of my ability, and then allow myself to take a break, and then I return to complete the next task. The reason as to why I feel this strategy is very effective is 1) you do not fall behind on your academic obligations and 2) it is rewarding to tick off each task as you have completed it. I once again return to the idea of consistency I mentioned in the first post. A consistent approach to the senior years of high school, with an optimal balance of work, fun and sleep, is what I personally feel would be the best preparation for the HSC and in tackling future university and workplace obligations Smiley Happy

Re: Staying afloat and excelling in high school!

Nice thread! I haven't been in high school for ages but I deal with a lot of high school students and also a lot of essays in law! It is SO important in the HSC to remember it's a marathon and not a sprint. And keeping on top of your work! Since the HSC starts in term 4 I always tell students to get on top of all of their work in the summer holidays as they'll forget it by the time they have trial exams. It's all about helping our your future self! Another thing I've found has helped me with procrastination is making myself finish assessments the day before they're due. This is especially important with research-based assignments that may involve citations. I had an essay due on Friday and I spent most of the day beforehand doing citations I hadn't already done and didn't have time to triple-check my essay. I felt terrible!


@A_Friend @ayrc_1904  I totally agree that having good quality relaxation time is so important, and to treat it like another job! That sometimes can be scrolling through your phone but for me it also involves naps or hobbies. I love creative writing around my exams so that's my little secret hobby Smiley Very Happy If I need to get away from words I also play videogames or do needlework.


@Anzelmo I also think it's best to delete apps! I was addicted to tumblr back in year 12 (2014 hey?) and I ended up deleting it around assessments so I could get more done. I also find that using other hobbies as a goal for free time helps you from constantly wasting time. Another thing I do is absolutely blast music while I study, because it's a special time for me to listen to my favourite songs!


@thatjuangai I am not a to-do list person but what I do is set schedules of when I usually do different kinds of work. For example, doing quizzes and lectures on a Monday, not doing study on a Saturday night after work, etc. I also just prioritise things and make sure if I'm at uni or back at school I never spend time procrastinating, that is time to do study. I remember having a friend who spent her free periods at school watching shows and it was such a waste of valuable time!