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Stigma of emotion

Hi reachout, 


In pop culture, there is this Stigma of having low self esteem and daddy issues. 


This hinders me actually looking inside of me and determining how I actually feel when I'm doing a task.


It also puts me in denial of my own feelings  I'm doing something I'm not necessarily enthusiastic about.  


Hopefully by understanding these feeling I could decide and be satisfied with my decision .

Re: Stigma of emotion

Hey @BunnyWalks, it's great that you've been working through different aspects of your life which have had an effect on you psychologically. It definitely seems like its a tough road for you - have you been able to speak to anyone about it?

Re: Stigma of emotion

With low self esteem it's like a really bad thing to have from what I gather the people around me say.

I had a counsellor once to discuss it but out of time was limited and I didn't get to discuss the strategies to something about them.

I got an ebook about it.

Re: Stigma of emotion

Hi @BunnyWalks, it definitely is really difficult not to take the words of everyone around you into account when issues with low self-esteem are involved. I agree with @safari93 and think it's wonderful that you are proactively working through different issues that may be affecting you!


How have you found the ebook, has it been helpful to you?


And I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to discuss strategies, it really does feel like time goes so fast with counsellors. If you found the session helpful, would you consider going to see them again to discuss potential strategies as well?

Re: Stigma of emotion

Time and boundaries will always be constraints.

I'll make time to read it I have issues printing it out. ATM will sort it out later.