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Re: Stimming

@lennycat2017 if so then here's a better explanation: 


Hypersensitivity is where you're very sensitive to what's going on around you.

For me, everything seems louder, brighter and more intense then everyone else sees it.


From my perspective, a lot of people seem very disengaged or unobservant, they won't notice things that seem obvious to me. I'll notice an insect that's landed on someone's shoulder, the texture of a fabric or how a person smells from a couple of meters away.


It's pretty cool, I'll notice if someone is agitated by their sweat-smell (maybe a little gross but oh well), be aware of someone approaching before anyone else does, or figure out how something is put together from looking at it, because I notice the details automatically.


The problem is that all of the details can become overwhelming, especially in noisy or crowded places. 

Another issue for me is under-stimulation, which is when everything's just too quiet and slow, and there aren't enough details in my environment to keep me occupied (though that may be my ADD). 


Because I'm almost always hypersensitive, me being overwhelmed or under-stimulated is dependent on my surroundings. In loud places I'll be overwhelmed, in quiet ones I'll be restless. Stimming gives me a single thing to focus on, which helps in both cases. 


Sorry about turning this post into a mini essay, I'm not always good at explaining things quickly... 

Re: Stimming

I know what you mean by being hypersensitive @Tiny_leaf.
At least, the detail part. I automatically notice small details too. Like... Here in the kitchen, there's a piece of sello tape on the wall.This is because it shines when the light is on it. I'm the only one notices it at the table, because of my attention to detail. My mum is completely oblivious, and won't notice a thing.

It's quite interesting really!

Re: Stimming

thanks @Tiny_leaf i loved your mini essay! That really helps me to understand. 

Re: Stimming

Ugh yes hypersensitivity. Lights, sounds, smells, they get me especially.

Re: Stimming

Love your explaination too @Tiny_leaf!

Re: Stimming

@N1ghtW1ng crowds for me.. every time... waaaaayyy too much human in one space.


On a good note, my cane is sparkly and a nice weight, so I basically have a stim toy with me wherever I go.

Re: Stimming

Hypersensitivity is a problem for me. Flickering lights are painful for me to look at, although apart from that, I'm not too affected by light hypersensitivity. I do struggle with sounds, smells and some touch (often can't deal with warm air from heaters directly on my face).


Speaking of stimming, I do it a lot without realising. I often tense up my hands around objects, especially pens and pencils (which results in lots of broken pens and pencils in my house).

Re: Stimming

@mrmusic Everyone here has such strong hands..!


I personally love warm air, but not certain fabrics. In my house we have what I call the Pillows of Death. They are very bad I cannot even touch them.


Also, has anyone else made those weird stress balls out of flour and balloons? They're a lot firmer than normal squishies or stressballs, plus they're very cheap.

Re: Stimming

Does anyone have any special interest related stims that they like?


I personally love animals (which is.. why half of one of my posts was literally just me talking about a snail*), so I have heaps of animal themed stim toys. One of my favorites is a very fluffy pencil case shaped like a llama, which is both a stim toy and a thing to hold all my other stim toys. 

I was curious to see if anyone else seeks out special interest stims or has any ideas for them.


*the snail in question is the scaly foot gastropod they are awesome.

Re: Stimming

Sorry @Tiny_leaf. I don't have a theme really.

As long as I can chew it, I like it.