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Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx fair enough Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

Just wondering, does anyone else here have any verbal/ vocal stims?

And if so what are your favorites?


Like if I'm at home alone and in a good mood I'll make these little peeps and chirrups or chater my teeth together. It probably makes it sound like someone set free a heap of birds into the house Smiley Tongue

Or I'll just repeat a word I like the sound/ rhythm of. My favorite word to say is "echolalia" which actually refers to repeating words in that way.


But I'd love to add to my "library" of noises if anyone has any ideas, since it hasn't been that long since I felt comfortable enough to let myself explore them. 

Re: Stimming

I don't really know if I have any vocal stims, but if I have in the past, they certainly were fun.

If you mean like rolling your tongue, lips, or both, I like to make a raspberry sound with them.
I can also put air into some parts of my mouth, and make some form of a gurgling noise/weird noise that my sister hates. Smiley Tongue

This all depends on my mood too.

Usually, I prefer music as a stim. I'll put on a song to match my mood, and sing along to it. Even when my family is home, they don't mind. Does music count?

Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I think that music counts as an auditory stim, which is slightly different (but still really fun!!).

Re: Stimming

Okay @Tiny_leaf!
In that case, I prefer auditory stims. Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

I'm such a leg-tapper/shaker. I often find it difficult to sit still which can make 2 hr lectures tricky at uni haha. I'm a nail-biter, so I have an SNS manicure on my nails that is a lot harder than my actual nail. It is super satisfying to tap things like the table with my nails because it makes the best sound so I often do this. Typing for no reason is amazing. I also try and use noise-cancelling headphones with no-lyric music whenever I need to concentrate because it cancels out distracting things like dogs barking, neighbours moving around in their houses and other people in the library if I'm at uni. I'm so easily distracted by sound so this really helps me. Not sure if it counts as stimming though? It's more like blocking out stimulation?
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Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I like a combination of both I think.


@MisoBear same!! It's so conflicting for me when on one hand my whole leg is aching/ cramping up, but on the other hand my leg needs to be jiggled..

Re: Stimming

I can't believe I am only just discovering this thread now I'm so excited we have a thread on stimming! Smiley Very Happy

I used to have a fidget spinner I kept hidden in my pocket because it was considered just a trend and people in my school used to make jokes about fidget spinners and then they got turned into a meme and now if someone has a fidget spinner it's "cringey" so that's why it stayed in my pocket (until I lost it a few weeks ago Smiley Tongue)

Another stim I use is flappy hands which I do when I'm talking (not even excitedly) or when I get overexcited by something. 

When I was younger I used to chew on the collar of my school polo shirt, but then I stopped because I used to get told off for chewing on my clothes, and I haven't had a chew toy since, but I'm going to try and find one soon (even if I can't take it to school)

Re: Stimming

@not-an-otter flappy hands are a favorite of mine as well Smiley Very Happy

I sometimes flap my hands


I have some good news about chewies at school!!

 This is just one example, but if you look up "chewy pencil toppers" you should find more.

You can even get ones that make it look like you're just chewing on a pen lid!