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Re: Stimming

Gonna try and revive this thread hopefully Smiley Very Happy

I've discovered a type of stim toy that seems to be working really well for me at the moment- squishy silicon things! Things like these are super fun to play with and the small dinosaurs and lizards can also fit in pockets!:


Only downside is the plastic for packaging and manufacturing Smiley Sad

Also the dinosaurs stick to walls which means you can pretend to throw poke balls at the wall and bam a little lizard appears out of nowhere Smiley Wink


I'm curious to hear about any new stim toys anyone recently got or a recent favourite Smiley Happy


Tagging few members who have participated in this thread before: @Tiny_leaf @MisoBear @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @mrmusic @N1ghtW1ng 

Re: Stimming

Nice idea @not-an-otter!

I haven't really got any stims, but I will suggest playing with sand. Sculpting is very theraputic, and I made a giant mermaid at the beach today.

Re: Stimming

@not-an-otter yay!!!


I've seen those, I have a frog shaped one!!



One of my favorites is a tube of glitter, kinda like a snow globe but super sparkly!!


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx oooo, and kinetic sand's really good for that as well!.


I'd personally really like to get my hands on some fidget jewelry, or sensory clothes like a weighted vest though.

Re: Stimming

That’s interesting @Tiny_leaf!

A weighted vest... can you find a pic online for me? I don’t know what they are...

Re: Stimming


Weighted vests are used for people that have problems with sensory input, and commonly we need some extra sensory input through feeling and pressure, so the weighted vest can put pressure where the person needs it. 

It's like clenching a fist- just putting the pressure on parts of the body can relieve some distress and help with calming down and to focus.

Some examples of weighted vests look a bit like this: 

Pressure Vest - Medium GreenHope this helps a bit Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

Thank you @not-an-otter.

I couldn’t actually see the pic or link you posted, so I just looked one up. They’re pretty cool! Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

@not-an-otter I like stretchies!! So fun!


I also love tangles! They are curved pieces which are clipped together and they can be spun around and moved so the tangle is in different shapes. You can even take them apart easily and change them up Smiley Happy

I use them during my psychologist session and it helps me cope

Image result for tangles


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Re: Stimming

I just remembered this really cool thing you can do with home-made playdough that makes it even better for stimming with.


You can add essential oils/ dried rosemary or even shampoo for the smell, plus stuff like uncooked rice, dried rosemary or even dehydrated peas to give it texture. 

It feels really weird and smells nice. 

Plus of course you can dye it if you want:

Image result for play dough recipes


Wow I really need to make some now..

Re: Stimming

Oooh, a good thread I just discovered! I just remembered that I need to go and buy some kinetic sand. 😋

When I first considered I might have autism (not officially diagnosed... yet!) once of the main reasons I/ my family rejected it was because I didn't really stim in a way that's stereotypical of autism... but now I realize there's lots of ways to stim! I know, for example, that when I was little I used to chew the strings of my hoodies, and I still have a habit of chewing on pens and drinking straws. 

Something funny... shaving your head is a great way to stim anywhere 😂. After I recently shaved my hair, I really didn't expect to be patting it as much as I do! it just feels so nice and soft! I'm out there sitting in public just absent-mindedly rubbing my own head. 😂😂 I definitely pat things a lot. I love those cushions with the reversible sequins. 

Also, I was wondering for a while if this 'counts' as stimming, but ever since I was I child I have had a tendency to stare at certain images repeatedly. Usually they've been photos of friends, or characters I really like. I recently saw a resource about stimming and it mentioned visual stimming and I was like !!! that's why I do that weird thing all the time! It's really important to emphasize that stimming can use all the senses! 

Re: Stimming

@Hozzles yeah, stimming's amazing and diverse!


Honestly chewing stuff's a pretty common stim, have you ever tried chewellry? 


Reversible sequins are the best! I have a dinosaur plushie covered in them.


Personally my visual stims are centered mostly around sparkly/ rainbow things, I haven't experienced anything like that. But everyone stims differently; so if something feels like a stim it probably is.