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Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx that sounds like it'd be one of your autistic traits, it's a fairly common thing in autistic people.

I usually have a lot of hypersensitivity, so everything's really intense for me and I'll stim to bring my focus back to one thing, but occasionally I'll be hyposensitive, or not much'll be going on and it't too quite, so I stim as a way to kinda balance out the lack of feedback from my surroundings. 


One of my favorite stims is from this key-chain I made from wooden beads. They're fun to roll around in my fingers and they make soft clicking noises that I love.

Re: Stimming

Absolutely loving this thread- the chewable jewelry is a fantastic idea!


I always found stims really grounding, so I used to have a box where I would put all the distractions I could use to ground myself when I felt overwhelmed. Having something to play with in my hand helped a lot! I had a mini hand massage ball which was great, and lots of playdough/or really hard slime- anything that kept my hands busy Smiley Happy


Would love to hear more stims community members use Smiley Happy


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Re: Stimming

@Jess1-RO play dough's great!

When I was in hospital a while ago we made this weird aromatherapy play dough.

It had essential oils to make it smell good, plus (dry) rice for texture. 

I need to make myself that at some point now Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

Those are pretty good @Tiny_leaf @Jess1-RO. Sadly, I hate the texture of play dough. The feel of it, and the way it gets stuck in your nails... so gross!
Slime is the same, except that I hate slimy things.

Another thing I do, is make fish lips. It's really fun, and I do it generally when I have nothing to chew.

Re: Stimming

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I can't do slime.. there's something about it that's just nope for me...

But I'm pretty good with dough-y stuff, and I love clay.

Re: Stimming

Clay is amazing! I love making it into something awesome.
Especially when the clay hardens, if it's hardening clay......

Re: Stimming

Lately I've been having trouble with chewing fabrics (clothes, pillow cases, etc) - something which I used to do as a kid but stopped until a few months ago. I don't tend to do it so much in public, but at home I do it a lot. Will need to look into some "chewllry". Does anyone know of any that isn't intrusive?


This is a great thread @Tiny_leaf - thanks so much for starting it! Smiley Happy

Re: Stimming

Hey @mrmusic.
What do you mean by "intrusive"?

Re: Stimming

Hola friends! Still not on my computer but I heard "chewelry" and honestly I just freaking love stim toys (even though I keep breaking them Smiley Tongue)

There's a really cool US store called Stimtastic that had relatively cheap stuff (but shipping and dollar conversion... *cries*) Anyway, I love them.
Also if by intrusive you mean "not too showy" @mrmusic, they have some awesome designs. Other stores into TherapyStore(beware of kids-focus, but some cool stuff) and Chewigem which are Aussie stores.

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I feel you on the slime. I like the concept, hate the feel. I find putties much nicer though, have you tried them before? It depends on the brand but they feel tougher and denser than slime. (And I just like it more Smiley Tongue)

I also LOVE moving. Most of the time I notice it, but relatively recently I realised that I actually unconsciously sway Smiley Tongue Sitting still just isn't for me. Swinging my feet (like right now), gently swaying, messing with my fingers(... like twiddling? fidgeting?), occasional jumpy-jumps, FLAPPY HANDS! HOW COULD I FORGET FLAPPY HANDS!

So flappy hands, because of my bad wrists, I tend to flap from the elbows but oof yes I freaking love this stim. It's usually when I get really, really excited or if I need to calm myself down from a tense/stressful moment (usually when I'm around people/in public).

Re: Stimming

Also I love hearing about other people's stims!! Thank you all for sharing!!