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Re: Stimming

@mrmusic I think I know what it means, do you mean like discreet/ not standing out?

If so I know of some and can get pictures.

You present as male I think..?

Re: Stimming

@N1ghtW1ng flappy hands are nearly as good as Stimtastic!!! 

I have one of their necklaces plus the squishy sheep! Plus a very long wishlist... so much cool stuff..


I know what you mean about the price though.. I've taken to diy-ing most of my stim toys, which is actually really fun!!


Re: Stimming

Ooooh what are some of your diy stim toys @Tiny_leaf?

Re: Stimming

I can't take many good photos..

I can do a couple of quick sketches though.


My favorite it is small plastic tube filled with glitter and water, it's almost like a tiny sparkly snow globe!!

Re: Stimming


For me, visual stims just don't do it for me but they can look so pretty!

Re: Stimming

What are some of your favorites?

Re: Stimming

Of visual stims or general @Tiny_leaf? I don't really have any favourite visual stims, but those glittery things or timer-style ones that I can shake too are neat. (I love the timers)

Do you have any favourite visual stims?

I'll also have to share pictures of my chewy necklaces! I need to clean them so I can wear them more often (and stop biting my nails)

Re: Stimming

I meant overall.

My favorites are glitter, tactile stims and pressure stims (I pretty much live under my weighted blanket). Plus anything fluffy.

Re: Stimming


This is a bigger picture than I expected, but this is what my portable sparkle looks like. 

It's small enough to fit in my pocket, and has like four different types of glitter in it!!

Re: Stimming


In general, my favourite stims would be (at the moment) using my tangles as a spinner ring and squishies. Plus body stims like swaying my leg or body and chewing too. Smiley Happy