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Strange Week

It's Friday afternoon at the end of a bit of a strange week.


I'm so low on sleep thanks to a reappearance of an insomnia phase and some re-occurring dreams about ex boyfriends and ex friends which I thought might mean something, then at about 1 am on Thursday morning, someone I hadn't spoken to in a very long time and who, things did not end well with, sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn't really think I would agree to it but curiosity got the better of me, thinking maybe he was ready to apologise, but so far nothing, total radio silence, so I don't really know what that's about. I feel like I'm waiting around for the other shoe to drop...


The job hunt isn't going so well, I never heard back from a lady who responded to my application for a volunteer position, to which I accepted and agreed to meet. It's disheartening. I'm finding myself avoiding social contact because I feel like I have nothing to say about myself. Someone I met on my travels a few months ago, is over from New Zealand and messaged me to meet up but I had a minor anxiety attack at the idea because I just feel so stuck and like I'd have nothing to say. 


I've fallen back in with someone who I have a complicated on/off relationship with which is comforting because I can be myself and he is in a similar position and understands but I don't think my parents like it because we've had problems in the past. 


I've made some appointments for next week and am trying to focus on some self care for the weekend. I'm meeting a good friend for coffee tomorrow which will be nice and hopefully I'll feel more positive soon. 


Hope anyone who reads this is doing well and remembers that ranting to like-minded people really does help ha-ha <3 


Re: Strange Week

It sounds like you have a lot going on right now so it is awesome to hear that you are making time to look after yourself. What else do you usually do when you are wanting to feel more positive? Have you ever discussed any of these issues with a professional? Some of these problems sound like they have had a real significant impact on your life, causing you to feel down and anxious. We are so glad that you enjoy using ReachOut, thanks for stopping by, we hope to see more of you Heart