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Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

First off Im so excited that I can actually put a message on the forums. Second my mission and i so choose to accept it is stress and anxiety. From what I understand stress and anxiety are apart of life, little stress and sometimes major stress.


Everybody threshold for stress is different, for instance I find medical stuff very stressful. its a big part of my life but the idea of organising it all, going and waiting for the results drives me crazy, however an 8 hour shift at work im fine with. Stress can give you that world is shrinnking feeling or that everything is falling apart. Anxiety on the other hand can give you the butterflies or can come from other feelings such as fear, or anger. For me the fear of not excelling or not doing well at uni makes me feel unsure about everything and lose confidence. Stress and anxiety do not always go together and it can be hard sometimes to know what to do with the stress and/or anxiety that you are feeling. 


I gues what I am asking is what are some people's stressful or anxious times and how they deal with them? Does anyone have tips on how to deal with stress or anxiety? 

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

Yay I'm excited you're excited about posting on the forums!

You're very right in that different things will stress different people out. For me, I can find the workload of school/uni very stressful while others with the same amount of workload may not find it stressful at all. And the signs of stress may be different between different people too.

The factsheets on Stress: and the one on Anxiety: have some really good tips on ways to cope with those feelings. Things like breaking the task down, brainstorming solutions or ways to tackle the task and taking time out to relax and do things you enjoy can be helpful. I find a mug of hot tea is always good!

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

I get really busy at times trying to juggle uni, family, sport etc and I think this is when I get the most stressed. One thing I find that really helps is to write a timetable of your week and what you have to do. I then put in the key things like sleep, uni classes I have to attend and then of course travel times. Once I've done that I then try to fit everything else in and of course make sure I put some time in there for ME. 


I guess I get anxious when I start to think about the future and what I am actually going to do. What I find helps is to not focus too much on the future and try and live my life as it is at the moment and hope that things will figure themselves out. I know they may not but worrying about them isn't going to change it!

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

I agree with you awkwardturtle, I think one way to stop worrying about the future, or even the week ahead, is to write it all out in a list. When you get all the thing you need to do and all the the things you are worrying about itemised out of paper, they always seem to be much less scary and much more achievable. Then when you get into the week and you start ticking them off your list, you start to feel a real sense of achievement and your spirits start to lift and the anxiety starts to get a bit easier to get on top of. 





Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

Thx for the replies


I like the list idea, and you are right having a list and seeing that you have accomplished what you set out to do its a good feeling. It is something that I will look into trying. For me one way to deal with stress and anxiety is drawing. A way of representing my feelings are out of me so to speak and on paper. Something I will be using a lot more in the next few weeks as I go into clinical placement for Uni in just over a week. Smiley Happy


Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

I'm a big fan of lists too. I also find talking about the things that are worrying me often helps - especially if I am getting a little overwhelmed by them. Talking to someone often helps put it all in perspective.

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

Good to know I'm not the only one who likes writing lists!

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

So much great advice in here! I'm learning loads! Smiley Happy
Thanks for starting this topic, Cesj!

It's really interesting to learn about how different things stress people differently.

I've worried about the future -- my future -- at several points in my life. I discovered most of that stress came from not knowing what the future might hold.
As with the advice so many others have offered, I found I made a list. Not a list of things to do specifically, but a list of goals; a basic outline of which direction I wanted to go.
What really helped me was that I was specific about where I wanted to go but not with how I would get there.
It took so much pressure off the decisions I had to make. All I had to look at was "Which of these options before me brings me closer to achieving one of my goals?" If all the options helped, then I was free to choose whatever I liked. Plus it made the future a bit more interesting. Smiley Wink

On a related point, I had an odd experience today. Last week, a friend invited me over for dinner and a massage (she's training to be a massage therapist). I initially accepted but this morning decided I was feeling a bit too stressed out and so let her know I had chosen to cancel because of this.
She sent me a (slightly annoyed) message back pointing out how odd it seemed that I was declining some free stress relief because I was stressed.

I didn't argue with her but thought it an odd thing to highlight -- after all, we all manage our stress differently, right? For me, I manage my stress by stripping back my schedule to the bare essentials (work obligations only everything else becomes free (me) time), but others find going out, being pampered or getting a massage a good way to manage their stress.
But none of them are wrong, right?

Re: Stress and anxiety and all the stuff that comes with it

Hi Lex


None of the relaxation techniques are wrong and you are right in saying that everyone has a different way to relax. Myself Im only just learning relaxation techniques. Im one of the people who will continue working to the point it causes more harm then good for me. For you I say if me time works for you then stick with what you are doing. For me what is working slowly is lists, drawing, writing and trying to make time for myself (getting better at it slowly).


By the sounds of it your friend though she was being helpful by offering you the dinner and massage. Maybe when you see her next just explain to her that having a massage at that time was going to cause you more stress then relaxation.