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Stress, friends and trust issues

I’m under a lot of self stress.. I’m not sleeping well, I feel like all my friends hate me. I’ve had my trust broken by “close friends” and I’m starting lose hope in any friendships or relationships I could have. I have people that I “trust” but whenever I need to talk about things. I feel like I can’t go to anyone because all the people I trusted the most just leave what I send them giving away that I’m struggling at that moment just open it and never reply or don’t care. I don’t know what to do.

Re: Stress, friends and trust issues

Hi @Amale , Welcome to the RO forums - but sorry to hear the high level of stress that's brought you here Smiley Sad. It must be really awful to feel like your friends have betrayed you, and that you can't reach out to them anymore - sounds like it's affecting your sleep, which can become a bit of a cycle as it's much harder to deal with tough things when we are tired. 

Reaching out online is a great first step. Lots of people on this forum go through similar things with friends, and you're certainly not alone. Heart


Have you spoken to anyone else about what's going on? Parents, teachers or a counselor? 


We have some info and support ideas around stress over here, if you want to check it out. You might find something helpful that you can try.


We're here to listen more if you want to tell us a bit more about what's going on. 

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Stress, friends and trust issues

Hi @Amale


Trust is a really hard issue to deal with because once trust a broken by anyone, it will never be the same again; doesn't matter who it is. For me I'm in a similar situation, I don't know how bad your trust issues are but mine is okay to deal with. 


How I go about it is is I don't trust anyone. I know that seems stupid but hey, can't really fail with that can you? I don't even trust my parents (don't have the greatest relationship with them but still). There's only one person I can trust in the world and that's good enough for me. Whenever I need to let out something personal the best place would be an anonymous online forum like RO or a psychologist/counsellor if you have access to one, I would never go to one of my friends. 


In terms of gaining trust from someone...well I guess that's up to the individual. Trust takes time, a lot of time. I personally 'trust' someone when they first tell me something personal, that usually signifies that they trust me. Obviously don't automatically trust them as soon as they tell you something personal, you'll have to be the judge for that.