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Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@TOM-RO  Thanks for the help, I’m not able to sleep a lot anymore and my best friend gets worried but I can have 3 hours sleep and get Thai an entire day would being sleepy

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@Cheeseburger  Good to hear you get some sleep at least - but 3 hours doesn't sound like much. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@gina-RO  3 hours of sleep ain’t enough for me, but it’s how much I get, but honestly Rn I feel happy, and that’s bcuz I found out some good things about a friend of mine, and also bcuz I started talking to this guy, and he likes me but he’s willing to take things slow as slow as I want to☺️☺️



And update about my job: I didn’t start working bcuz my boss was a bit rude and made me upset, so instead ima be doing a course, which I’m looking forward to be doing, I also died my hair, it’s orange at the top and black at the sides which looks cool

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

Hey @Cheeseburger, so good to hear you’re feeling happy!! Exciting news about the guy, always good to take it slow too.


shame about the boss not being nice but I reckon the course will be even better for you! Also, you’re hair sounds sooo cool! Did you do it yourself? 



Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@Mcro I’m happy bcuz this guy makes me happy, and honestly he’s not rushing things, which I like, with everyone else I’ve been with except for one, they all rushed me.


And my mum cut my hair and did it for me, honestly I suit short hair, and my hair this colour, yesterday I brought permanent black, and just gotta wait for the rain to disappear to be able to put the permanent black in.


Honestly I don’t wanna sleep as I really enjoy talking to this guy, but he says I need sleep and that he’ll be their when I wake up, which is true

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@Mcro @gina-RO @TOM-RO @ecla34 @letitgo @scared01 


I had a good day today, spent time with my nephew, gave him his birthday presents, and he even called me Aunty which made me super happy.


This guy I’ve been talking to, actually did something I didn’t think he would do, but he did and it made me feel very special ☺️ No guys ever done this for me before, HE TURNED HIS GAME OFF AND TALKED TO ME☺️ Honestly I’m falling for him more and more everyday, I go to sleep with a smile on my face now, not a sad face. And that’s all thanks to this guy.


Honestly he’s not rushing things and taking it slow, he asked me today if I was ready for a relationship, and I said yes, so me and him are dating now. 🥰❤️😊☺️