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Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@letitgo  I honestly don’t know, but on a better note i brought myself a Pansexual flag, and it’s on its way, I’ve been having a good day today, just about to sit down and watch Netflix, my favourite Show😊😊 honestly last night I didn’t have a bad night.



but this morning when I turned my phone on, it went bad but then it became good again, it was bad bcuz I have been getting a lot of haters, bcuz I’m not scared to admit what my sexuality is.

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@Cheeseburger the flag sounds cool!
I'm sorry you've been getting hate from people Smiley Sad you're brave to grapple with your sexuality the way that you have, and if they don't like it it's their problem, not yours Heart Hope you're enjoying your Netflix, that sounds like lovely self-care xx

We're having a Getting Real chat to do with Dating Anxiety on Monday the 20th of January at 7:30pm AEDT! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@ecla34  I feel like I’m starting to become more happier now, I think only reason I was depressed was bcuz of my negative friendships, bcuz since I got rid of them, I haven’t felt really sad, and it’s their problem their losing a good friend.



Honestly Rn I’m suppose to be sleeping but I woke up as I fell asleep with Netflix on lol, but I’m happy

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

Update: my happiness has been short, I’m feeling sad, and lonely and I feel like I’m lost in the world, I feel like I lost myself and I can’t seem to find myself again, im struggling majorly Rn, and I can’t seem to be able to talk to anyone.


my best friend he’s got school and work, I’m scared as I start working on Monday, I’m afraid that I’m gonna be told to take my lip piercing out, I don’t wanna do that as it’s something I’ve wanted for a while.

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

Hey @Cheeseburger (PS. each time I read or type your username I actually crave a McDonald's cheeseburger *drools*)

I'm just checking to see if you're safe tonight?

It's okay even if you are feeling a little down at the moment. We are here to listen and support you. You felt fairly happy the other day, so at least you know there are times where you CAN be happy. Even though you feel down tonight, you will find yourself again.

Congratulations on the new job. Without giving too much away (aka without breaking the confidentiality guideline)...what type of role is it?

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

@TOM-RO  Ik every time I see my username I wanna get a McDonald’s cheeseburger too.


im safe tonight but I’m extremely upset and hurting badly, I WANT THIS PAIN TO END, but I’m strong and I’m gonna keep strong.


i can be happy but then something triggers my depression and I fall down again and back to being depressed.


abd u answered what kinda role it is when u mentioned McDonald’s, I’m looking forward to working there but I’m also scared as I haven’t worked for nearly 2 years😰😰 that’s wgats made me upset, and bcuz I found out a friend was only being my friend bcuz they felt ‘sorry for me’

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

Hey @Cheeseburger 

I'm glad to hear you're safe. You are right - you are strong. I love to hear you say that. Positive self talk can work wonders in terms of one's wellbeing you know Cat Happy You are strong and you will get through tonight!! You've got this. 

Oh congratulations. McDonalds will look great on your resume. Fun fact about me - McDonalds was my first ever job! You know what this job means for you yeah? Lots of yummy, discounted, cheeseburgers are coming your way. 

I'm sorry to hear you heard that about your friend. All I can say is that, in my personal experience, things tend to become easier as you get older. 

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual


Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

  @TOM-RO I hardly slept last night, I fell asleep and then woke up at 11:30pm and was up till 4am and just couldn’t sleep idk why but it’s been happening a lot lately. The reason I said I’m strong is bcuz that’s what my best friend says to me, when I tell him I wanna give up. But lately I just wanna be able to sleep properly


My first ever job was McDonald’s too, It was 2 years ago when I started working their but I had to leave as I moved away, and it was to far to travel.


With my friend, it’s how it happens with me, they become my friend and then they find out about something that they don’t like about me, and then they leave me, it’s been like it all my life, I can only relay on my best friend, he’s been my best friend for almost a year and, he’s the longest friend I had.


TBH I feel like the world is closing in on me, I struggle with my anxiety but now I can’t sleep and it’s gett to much

Re: Struggling with being Pansexual

hey @Cheeseburger - aw damn! Having trouble sleeping would suck. A friend of mine suffers from something similar and she saw a sleep psychologist who helped her. If you find it's an ongoing issue for you it might be good to chat to your GP about it. In the mean time, there are heaps of online resources and sleep apps that may be of use to you. For example, read our article for tips on how to get ta good night sleep here. Also, this app named dormio has music designed to help you relax and have a deeper sleep. Lastly, headspace also some good information on sleep here and also some guided meditation videos for sleep here

I'm glad your best friend is there for you. It's okay, I know it hurts, but maybe try not to think about the other friend who upset you too much. In my opinion, quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to friendships. I remember when going through high school, my group of friends would change often, and then eventually you just end up finding a few people who get you, and you keep them in your life. It will all fall into place. Cat Happy