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Struggling with weight loss

Hey Guys i don't know where to begin. Since i was about 18 weightloss has been a big issue for me. Now that I'm 25 I've realized i need to change my lifestyle and healthier and fitter. I have a gym membership but hardly use it. What would be some ideas to change my lifestyle

Any suggestions would be good

Re: Struggling with weight loss

Hey @Brendos94 this is a great question, and I think lifestyle change is something a lot of us struggle with in one way or another.

One thing I try to do (when health permits) is to take the stairs instead of the lift when I have the option. Does that sound like something you could try? Smiley Happy  

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Re: Struggling with weight loss

TW: Mention of lifestyle changes and weight.

Hi @Brendos94!

Weight loss can be really tricky because everyone's metabolism is different and we all have our own way of reacting to certain foods. Some people only have to look at a biscuit and lose weight, but other people can eat large quantities and not put on any weight. While I haven't needed to lose weight myself, a lot of people in my family have struggled with weight loss. Some of them have had weight loss surgeries with success but it hasn't worked for some of them. Others have been able to lose weight with diets, while others have struggled with the willpower to stick to them and resist normal meals. It can be really difficult to lose weight, but I think you should congratulate yourself on taking this first step by identifying the need to become healthier and reaching out to us on here for ideas! Smiley Happy

I think before starting any weight loss regime, it's a good idea to first talk to your GP. They may be able to sign you up to groups and weight loss services in your local area. They may also be able to work with you to tailor a 'target weight' for you and identify any health issues that may be contributing to weight gain. Medications and meal replacement products, which some doctors have tried with my family members, can also have side effects, so they found that it was better for them when they were regularly monitored by a doctor who could manage the side effects while they were on them and also know when to start and stop using them.

A doctor can also put you on an individualised plan, which one of my family members had a lot of success with. They were able to use an app recommended by their doctor to help them monitor their habits and stick to their goals for the day. This is another reason I think it's best to start trying to lose weight with the help of a doctor rather than trying to go at it alone. There is a lot of unhelpful, incorrect and sometimes dangerous advice online and by word of mouth. Additionally, what may work for one person may not help everyone and different doctors prefer different ways of managing lifestyle changes.

An easy way to incorporate more exercise into your routine is to walk, cycle and take public transport as much as possible rather than drive. If you take public transport, you could try getting off at an earlier stop and walking the rest of the way. Getting a pedometer or a pedometer app may also help encourage you to walk. I used the Samsung Health app to set goals for exercise and steps when I had chronic pain and it really helped me become more active, which reduced the pain.

There are also lots of exercise videos on YouTube and online tutorials that you can access for free. I know a friend who tried this not to lose weight, but to get fitter, and she was happy with the results. If you struggle with motivation to do exercise, I found it helpful to plan when I would do them in advance. For example, you could write down, 'At X time, I will do exercise Y for Z minutes'. It was also easier for me to stick to the easier and less intense exercises until I was doing them well and was ready to move on to the harder, more demanding ones.

Good luck! I know you can accomplish your goals! Heart

Re: Struggling with weight loss

@letitgo thanks for the support. Cause i work in a 24 hour call centre we have access to Parking under the building. Which doesn't have stairs only lifts. However the set of lifts also have stairs but that's over the otherside of the building

Re: Struggling with weight loss

@WheresMySquishy thanks for the advice. I'm not doing any weight loss programs. I'm basically planning to eat healthy and hit the gym a number of times a week

Re: Struggling with weight loss

@Brendos94 how are you? Have you been trying your healthy eating and exercise plan? 


It can be really helpful to have an accountability partner - a friend or family member to exercise with and make it more of a social thing than a chore. Is there anyone you could try this with? I also find classes at the gym can be great because they take the effort of the gym and plan your workout for you! 


It can be really hard to start healthy eating too. I started by slowly cutting out a few things e.g. I would normally have 2 coffees in my sugar and 3 coffees a day which is a lot of extra sugar so I did only 1 sugar for a week per coffee and then 0! It can make it easier to stick to. 


Would definitely agree with @WheresMySquishy about seeing your GP too! Sometimes you can have underlying issues that affect your weight e.g. an overactive thyroid. 


Hope this helps! Talk soon

Smiley Happy

Re: Struggling with weight loss

Hey there!

I read your struggling with weight lose.

My advice would be too honestly just cut down on your amounts of foods that you are intaking and to considering what it is that your putting into your body. I strongly believe that a happy and healthy body starts with what you decide to put in your mouth. Stay away from bad sugars an bad fats. By wanting to do this it include you having to have self control, confidence, induence, motivation and dedication. I know this all may sound hard but it's mind over matter. If this is what you truly want then you will be determined to keep up the good effort and strive for what you want. If you are going to the gym it's best to have a buddy with you sometimes they support you and give you the best motivation to do it together.


Re: Struggling with weight loss

Hwy @lennycat2017  for the first few days things have been alright which is good