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Stuck at home ideas

hello everybody, I made this topic to find out how people have been coping with having to stay at home, and what sort of fun things you have been getting up to.


It's still not safe to go out much because of the pandemic where I live. I used to love spending time by myself in my room, but now I'm so sick of it! but I also don't feel like going out anymore, even if I could. the worst thing about lockdown in my opinion is the fact that people's bedrooms should be a place of relaxation and rest, but now they've become our classrooms and offices too. I just feel so bored, lifeless and trapped!


I was wondering if any of you guys could share your ideas and advice! How have you been getting through this?

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Hey @lemurien  !


There are plenty of things that I have been able to do at home including:

  • Redecorating your room
  • Learning how to cook or bake
  • Playing online games with friends (Minecraft, stardew valley, board games, draw something)
  • Start a new Netflix show or movie by yourself or with friends
  • Read new books
  • Exercise and get into a schedule
  • Learn to meditate


Hope these suggestions help!

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Hey @lemurien 

Definitely a relatable thread! I personally like to get out of the house just for a short walk on the block. As long as you maintain your distance, it's a good idea to get yourself some fresh air Smiley Very Happy It can really make a world of difference when you've been stuck in your room for ages!


Another thing my family and I did (not sure if you live in a house or apartment), was we had a picnic in our backyard. We played music on a speaker, had a bbq and ate in the backyard on a picnic mat. It was honestly so fun and I'd recommend it to anyone. 


Other things would be to surround yourself with as many people as you can online. Play games like or there's some websites that have interactive card games. I play mario kart often with my boyfriend while facetiming him. You might also like to bake/cook something with a friend over facetime for fun too!


Hope these help Heart

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Thank you both! omg, i love the backyard picnic idea. Maybe if a sunny day comes along I’ll try it out!

@Anzelmo , what kind of exercise have you been doing? my main exercise used to be partner dancing classes and I am really missing it so much. I’m trying to find exercise I can enjoy at home but so far no luck, although there are a few yoga videos on youtube that I don’t mind doing.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien what a timely thread, thanks for starting it!


Some life admin things to do at home:


- try and get a cheaper hone plan- you never know what deals might be going around!

-taxes if that applies lol

-doing a digital cleanse of the jungle of files on your laptop. Or sorting your playlists!

-sorting through books or keep safe/memory boxes

- compiling some Youtube videos into your Watch Later list




Re: Stuck at home ideas

Hi @lemurien!


I wanted to suggest some other things Smiley Tongue One thing you said was that you've lost the joy of your room as a place of rest- is there a way that you can return it to this form? For example, some people have different sections of their rooms devoted to work/ study and rest. An essential part of this is only using your bed for sleeping! It will improve your sleep too Smiley Very Happy


For activities, I do a lot of crafting because I like the sensation of having created something! So some of my favourites are origami, cross stitch and embroidery. All three of these things can come in kits you can get online and have lots of handy Youtube links! Another thing you could do is painting/drawing or jigsaw puzzles- I have a friend who painted copies of existing paintings/photos for fun. If you're more of a creator, you could also try doing creative writing or poetry! This is good because you don't need anything other than a laptop or a notebook Smiley Tongue For exercise you could look up different types of workouts, like aerobics. Could you maybe find some videos to practice learning new dance moves by yourself?

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Hi guys! I'm in VIC and I had been feeling really devastated by the news that we have to return to lockdown. But I can feel the enthusiasm you all have for the fun stuff you've been doing at home, and that helped me feel a bit of inspiration! Thank you all.

@Tay100I do have to do my taxes lol, thanks for the reminder. looking through memory boxes and books also sounds like a lovely way to get back in touch with things I care about.

@StormySeas17I love all those creative ideas! I forgot how much I enjoy origami. I'm not sure how to post pictures on the forum? But it would be cute if we could all share pictures of origami or other creations we've made.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Sorry to hear that you guys are going back into lockdown @lemurien Smiley Sad The news about what's happening in Victoria has been very upsetting!


One thing I've had to come to terms with lately is not feeling bad for being bored/not doing anything. It's definitely great to get ideas of new things to try out but just remember that (as cliche as it sounds) these are unprecedented times and if you need to spend a whole day in bed that's totally okay! I definitely felt a lot of pressure to be productive when I lost my job, but the world is a very overwhelming place at the moment so it's okay to take a well-deserved break. 

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien Yes there is an option to share photos! When you're writing a response you can click photos and upload from your computer or phone. As long as you're not showing your face you're fine Smiley Very Happy



Also very true @klasna13! I was very productive when I first got into lockdown but that kind of got replaced with survival mode after a while.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien I know right? It's a very personal but easy idea. Of course, you can also start one if you don't already have too!