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Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien emailing teachers sounds like an awesome idea, I should give that a try! I really want to be a university tutor while I do my master's so I think I'll ask for some suggestions on getting tertiary teaching experience. Yeah her exchange definitely gave her a taste of the culture difference and she learned a lot. I was going to go on exchange this semester but alas Smiley Sad Maybe you could start looking up some potential jobs that you could train towards? Being an au pair is another option I know people take.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Aww no @StormySeas17 I'm so sad you missed out on going on exchange this sem! Where were you planning on going? You know what, ever since remote classes became a thing, I totally forgot that being a tutor at uni was an option. I've taken some classes before where one of my assignments was to take the role of the tutor, and I was so worried about it at first but it was actually hella fun Smiley Very Happy Totally love that idea, I bet you'll enjoy it.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien I was planning to go to Canada! And visit friends in the US at the same time but obviously that didn't happen. Weirdly it worked out though because I ended up having extra units to do so if I'd gone my degree would have been extended an extra semester on top of what it already is. Also a friend of mine pointed out that if I was doing hard subjects (which was my plan) it wouldn't have been much of a holiday. My family is getting a puppy instead which is cool, and I get to be in Aus for my 5 year anniversary with my partner! Funny how I thought going to Central Australia would be my July contingency plan and that didn't happen either Smiley LOL

I love taking over the class! I had one teacher who was very laid back and would make us do panel discussions and he was chill for me to start interrogating the class on his behalf Smiley Very Happy I'm going to have to ask my tutor for Psych how qualified you need to be to be a uni tutor, because it turns out she's doing a combined MRes and PhD which is a bit more than I expected! 

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@StormySeas17 I actually lived in Canada for many years!! It's so beautiful there, I hope you have a chance to go sometime - hopefully as a holiday so you don't have to worry about study. Aw man, I've never been to Central Aus, that would have been cool. Honestly though a puppy is just as exciting! What kind of dog is he/she and what is their name? And I'm glad you got to spend a special day like that with your partner. 5 years is a long time, how lovely!!

Re: Stuck at home ideas

Hey! I love these ideas, and I wanted to add a few more of the things I have been doing to help in this time!

- calling friends and going for a walk with the phone.

- morning or evening walks 

- learning new hobbies; like how to bullet journal, baking and learning random things on Youtube

- cleaning my closet and throwing away old clothes

- reading, reading, reading 

- For exercise I go roller-skating which is a new hobby I have started this year. It's good because you can do it alone (if/when restrictions allow)

- updating my depop (clothes selling app) 

- journalling/writing my thoughts down. Especially helps me when I am feeling low on energy.

Re: Stuck at home ideas

@lemurien I was going to go to Ottawa, that's awesome you lived there! Whereabouts?

Yeah, it's all been a bit of a mess, but one pro of it all is I've been able to start saving to move out sometime Smiley Very Happy which is combined with the disappointment of my degree taking longer than I expected, but hey, can't do much about that.

I got an Italian Greyhound! They're like greyhounds but a quarter of the size and super clingy Smiley LOL but also fast! His name is Valentino Heart