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Sunday/Post School Holiday Stress

Hey Everyone! 


I wanted to talk about my experience with my stress and anxiety to help me process my feelings and to see if anyone else has felt this feeling before. So imagine it's the end of the weekend or the last day of the school holidays. And then out of nowhere you have this overwhelming feeling of stress and worry. And then you try to work out what's stressing you out and then normally you can't find out what is worrying you. 


Normally what happens for me, whenever this happens is that it revisits all the different things that stresses me out recently I've been using the eheadspace service so I can get through this stress through the knowledge received from them. But normally, I still feel this feeling of stress as the time goes by and normally before I go to sleep it gets tamed but sometimes it takes me forever to get to sleep. 


Has anyone else felt this feeling? Or is it just me? It would be nice to have the forums' input into this. 


Thanks y'all <3 

Re: Sunday/Post School Holiday Stress

Hey @ApplesRoses! To answer your question - nope, you're definitely not alone in this. I also often get overwhelming feelings of stress and worry, despite there not being a direct cause to it. I recall having a chat about this with my psychologist a while ago and she said it's perfectly not unusual to get worried and stressed over things that don't have a direct cause! I think what's most important is what to deal with these stresses and worries before they take over our lives in a negative way.

It's great to hear that you've been using eheadspace! Although I was wondering if perhaps you might consider talking to them in person (or maybe even seeing another different professional support like a GP, counsellor, etc.)? Maybe having face-to-face support might give you the extra help on this?

Also, you've mentioned about struggling to get to sleep, right? I was wondering if you've tried meditation? I'm asking this because doing meditation really helps me a lot with taming my stresses and worries before I go to sleep.

Hope this all helps! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Sunday/Post School Holiday Stress

Hey, thanks for contributing! It means so much to me knowing that I'm not alone when it comes to my experiences. It makes me feel less alone in this time.

I've definitely wanted to have talks with people (GP, Counsellor, etc) and I plan to, it's just hard to plan when. I've definitely wanted to try meditation but I'm not sure where to start. Since there's a lot on youtube but I don't know which ones would be helpful. Do you have any ideas on where to start?

Thank you so much again. <3 Smiley Happy