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Super Powers !!!!!

Okay so I want to know something from you guys.. If you could pick just ONE super power, what would you pick and why?? (who knows maybe one day it might actually happen Smiley Wink Cat Tongue 

I think I have come to the conclusion that mine would be the ability to control the time.. I could slow down days when I am in a great mood, having fun and hold on to the memories for longer, or I could speed up days when I have to work or just crappy days etc, or stop time completely if I have an assignment due and I have to fix it last minute Smiley LOL maybe even rewind time if i've said something silly I regret.. The possibilities would be endless !!!
So guys WHAT WOULD BE YOUR SUPERPOWER ???? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

Oooh @Jane_Rose, great question! I'd never considered having the ability to control time as a super power, and I love the way you'd use it!


I would probably choose invisibility (assuming I could control when I was visible or not) because sometimes I need to introvert and it would give me a way of being around people and sort of having a break from them at the same time, if that makes sense.

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Re: Super Powers !!!!!

@letitgo ah yes invisibility was definitely in my top 5, however I had never looked at it from the perspective you mentioned, only ever as a way to spy on people which is actually really terrible now that I write it down ahah, I like your answer much more Cat Happy

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

Oh man what a great question @Jane_RoseSmiley Very Happy I don’t think I can choose just one Smiley Tongue here is my top four though: 

1. Healing powers 

2. Time travel because time travel is cool 

3. Invisibility (I agree completely with your reasoning @letitgo Smiley Happy

4. Telepathy so I could have a deeper connection with others and know how to help them 

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

So many great ones - this is a cool thread @Jane_Rose! @DruidChild do you think travelling to the past or the future would be more appealing?

I think I'd have to choose being able to fly (and either I'd turn invisible when I fly or people don't notice - don't want to freak anyone out hahah!) It would just be so convenient not to have to rely on other means of transport and also lots of fun :')

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

Hmm probably the past @May_ but I’m kind of a nerd so it’s hard not to write a long paragraph about the dangers of going to the past Smiley Tongue It would also be super cool to be able to travel to other dimensions or alternate universes. 

I love the idea of flying! That sounds so cool Smiley Very Happy

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

What a great thread idea!


It's not as useful as time travel, invisibility, etc, but I would like the ability to control temperatures (specifically sub-zero, but I'd settle with a broad range Smiley LOL). It just sounds fun! Besides, temperature has a signicant role in plenty of physical properties if you were to dive into the science realm (e.g. kinetics, expansion), so it would open up plenty of opportunity.

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

Haha @DruidChild very true lots of potential timey wimey problems!

@nyke that's such an interesting one!

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

@Jane_Rose That is a great question!!! I would want to be able to FLY, only because it seems interesting lol. I also think it will be liberating experienceSmiley Tongue

Re: Super Powers !!!!!

@letitgo Being a bit of an introvert myself, I totally feel you. Invisibility would be a reliefSmiley Tongue