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TW: Climate change anxiety.


My anxiety hasn’t been good lately, and I’ve been latching on to every little worry I have. I’ve been working with my councellor to stop worrying thoughts becoming too overwhelming, and it’s been working. 

I just saw on the news something to do with climate change and now I feel like a wreck. I’ve been making small progress with counselling and now I feel like there’s no point. I feel  like in 30 years the world is going to be in an apocalypse. I’m in this awful existential crisis. I am so scared that we are all going to die. I see all these articles saying that climate change is our way to an inevitable end. I always have small worries but now they are nothing compared to this one that is about my existence. I’m exhausted, and I feel very depressed. I have thoughts saying that there is no point to do things, there is no point to be happy and accomplish things. I am terrified that by the time I’m 25 the world will be ending and that I won’t be able to have a family or a career or anything.


Re: Climate change anxiety.

Hey @ILikeCake, I'm happy to hear that you are working with your counsellor to manage overwhelming thoughts. I can relate as sometime I too get lost in my own head. However, you are definitely taking the best steps for yourself to manage these! How often do you see your counsellor?


Climate change is a huge topic at the moment and unfortunately, we can not control everyone's approach to climate change and their impact on the environment. While it can seem daunting there are little things we can do at an individual level to help our planet and I try to focus on that.  Things like making sure I use my keep cup, reusable straws and limit my plastic waste. Are these things you could implement in your life?


Sometimes things that are out of our control can really impact us, so you are not alone in feeling this way but there is definitely so much to look forward to. Is there anything you're looking forward to this year? I'm going on a holiday soon and I can not wait to see what a different part of the world is like! 

Smiley Happy



Re: Climate change anxiety.

Hey @ILikeCake,


It's great to hear you're working with your counsellor right now about your worries and it's helping. Have you been able to discuss with your counsellor the worries you have about climate change and the way it's been making you feel?


I just wanted to second what @lennycat2017 said in that climate change is a huge topic! I know it's something that's been on my mind a lot lately and can understand how overwhelming these thoughts can be. Similar to @lennycat2017, when the issue of climate change or other big things in my life pop up, I like to focus on what I can control and what I can do to make a difference. So I focus on using a keep cup and having a refillable water bottle, for example, little things that can be multiplied to have a huge difference. Is this something you'd be interested in doing?

Re: Climate change anxiety.

Hey @ILikeCake 

Similar to what others have said - climate change is such a massive source of anxiety for a lot of us at the moment. It can certainly be overwhelming. 

I love the suggestions @lennycat2017 and @Sunflower18 have made about focusing on what you can do. 

I also want too add to that, that there are definitely ways you can tell your local politicians how you're feeling about climate change as well. Young people are caring more than any generation before about this issue, and it's important that those in power act to protect your future. Things you can do include writing a letter, signing petitions, and going to events such as the protest students went to recently , or other rallies that represent your views. Your opinion matters. 


It's fantastic to hear that you are talking to your counselor about your worries- getting support is crucial. I think talking about climate change specifically with your counselor, may help you to identify the things you can do to promote change in the world, and also to accept the things you can't change. It's a hard balance for all of us. 


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Re: Climate change anxiety.

Thank you for replying Smiley Happy
Yes it does sound alright to do a few things for the environment. I’ve been
considering becoming vegetarian. But I also feel extremely guilty because
I’m not necessarily the most eco friendly person Smiley Sad I feel awful and like
life isn’t worth living because it’s all going to end. I’m having thoughts
like ‘it would be cruel for me to have children, because in 20 years the
worlds going to be awful.’ I genuinely feel so depressed. I want to do
things that make me happy but I feel like there’s no point. And I feel like
an awful person because at the moment I’ve been really anxious and I want
to work on that, and I don’t feel like I can bother to factor in heaps of
environmentally friendly things in my life. It’s like I should be anxious,
because I’m not doing anything about it! I just feel like the worlds ending
and I saw an article saying that suicides will spike due to climate change
and the worry that it strikes into everyone. It’s not just a silly worry
that has come up in my head, it’s a real issue, and I feel hopeless and
overwhelmed with feelings of sadness.

Re: TW: Climate change anxiety.

Hi @ILikeCake, you mention feeling like 'life isn't worth ending'.. are you having feelings of ending your life? We have some new guidelines on talking about self-harm and suicide on the forums, feel free to check it out here. I just added a TW to your post as I want to make other users aware of the distress and impact detailed.


You are having a lot of thoughts swirling around about the future of the world and these concerns are valid. Climate change is a really important issue and it requires a global effort but we can do all our bit. I agree with the others in focusing on what you can do, for example: wax wraps instead of glad wrap, eco friendly toothbrushes, biodegradable bin liners, reusable/washable menstrual products, glass containers instead of plastic, reusable shopping bags and eco friendly chemicals. These are examples I implement myself and there are amazing websites that have a whole list of products that you can learn more about Heart I also agree with Gina, in that advocation and empowerment is really important in this area as many hands make light work. 

Re: TW: Climate change anxiety.

Hey @ILikeCake, just wanted to check in. How are you doing today?


I can definitely relate to climate change anxiety. it's something I've started to experience, and I really resonated with what a few other users said about making small changes within our own lives. For example, I always bring a keep cup if I'm buying a hot drink, instead of using a disposable cup, and I say no to plastic straws. Every little action helps. Smiley Happy

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Re: TW: Climate change anxiety.

Hey @ILikeCake, I can empathise a lot with these fears. I get very anxious about where the world is heading too...planning a life, career, and family in these uncertain times can be stressful.


I wanted to share this news story with you, which is the good news stories about climate change that largely didn’t get reported last year - Also, a team of scientists is close to finding a cure for HPV, last year scientists suggested a new way to stop glaciers from melting, and rates of global hunger have dropped. Although things can seem terrible, humans are constantly working and discovering ways to help our society survive and flourish. Thinking about this really helps me when I feel anxious, I hope it might help you too Heart 


We are here to listen Heart

Re: TW: Climate change anxiety.

That is such a great article @DruidChild . - thank you for sharing! 

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