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TW: Genuine fear of not knowing

Hi Reach Out, 


We are very fortunate of that information is available 24/7 to us. 


However,I reckon the things we look up and follow are not always to out benefit. I tend to get information overload from these other social apps (Music, FB, Twitter, news ,email etc ). This hinders my focus.  


My childhood has some how made me terrified to not know which led me to think to even asking for help on something I don't know about is inherently bad thing. 


I think it was administration of corporal punishment (physically hurt and shamming in my case )  that may have affected how intense I feel things and discouragement from those around me ( peers and family ) piled on as well and may make help seem unreasonably attainable.   And just being okay with acknowledge my wrongs and shorts comings as a person. 


Reckon this fear is the same one that just puts me in a frenzy of mindless googling in an attempt to not fall short of knowledge rather than just saying I don't know with intellectually humility intended not to express disinterest .


Fear of being scarred. Maybe that's it. 


Would it be right for me to accept my mortality and fallibility when its not just reasonable for me to know ? At least to know if its within my responsibility.


I would see it professional to work this out with the intention of seeing me able to regulate how I feel not deny it but just let it pass.  





Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

Hi @BunnyWalks these are a lot of very complex issues! I like how you’ve looked introspectively and really considered why you’re feeling this way. It shows a lot of self-awareness and that’s really great! 


What do you think is the healthiest thing you could do to address these fears? It sounds like you want to move past knowing everything and be content in understanding that it’s just not possible, is that right? It can be really hard to admit when we don’t know something, and as you’ve expressed it doesn’t help when people around us are strict. 


Thank you for sharing! 

Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

@Libellule Well the media and my parents can be hyperbolic and take things literally despite it not actually having an adverse affect on me or my ability. I reckon what would be emotionally healthy for me is to ignore the news or bad things that have no affect on me entirely.

Maybe a natural disaster far away or other unfortunate events I'm in no capacity to in a help in a major way. I can offer my condolences but that boundary I set is in my best interest.

Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

Hi @BunnyWalks,


It can be hard to hear about topics like natural disasters, hearing about negative news can have a huge impact on mental wellbeing. I do agree with you, that with so many avenues to learn about news and what is happening around the world, it's easy to fall into internet searching lots and absorbing the emotional impact of world news. 


You mentioned that setting boundaries such as offering condolenses may be helpful for you. Are there any other strategies you think might be helpful?


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Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

Not wanting too many things to do cause ill burn out.

I ve been trying to make time for mindfulness from this website (It's a professional don't worry its not a voodoo isis cult ) and as an internet culture were get overly obsessed with finding things from the outside to satisfy our internal desires. (knowledge, aspirations, status).

Maybe we need is internal clarity for our wellbeing rather looking to solve things out of our reach and accept our limits as being and to have that appreciation for self even when we fall short.

am i making sense ? @Jess1-RO

Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

Hi @BunnyWalks,


I think I understand what you are saying, let me know if I am capturing your thoughts correctly Smiley Happy Am I right in saying that in your experience, you feel like sometimes people seek more information and clarity from outside sources (eg internet) when they have thoughts and feelings internally that they want to address? 


I'm hearing that you are wanting to look more internally for these answers and are trying strategies like mindfulness to focus on your wellbeing. Is that correct?


Mindfulness is a fantastic strategy- how are you finding it so far? We have a lot of members here who use mindfulness in different ways to focus on wellbeing Smiley Happy 



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Re: Genuine fear of not knowing

Excellent Jess1-RO that is exactly what what I meant. That's careful reading and understanding. * HUGS *

Look more internally with a professional is an option .

I find if a i have a moment to myself i have some clarity with my day, @Jess1-RO