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TW: Sharing our problems!

Hi everyone, its my first time ever post to anywhere to share my story. Today is 2nd Dec, 23:22pm. I had a car accident last week. It was my first time involved in a car accident and i am at fault! I was freak out at that moment, shocked and totally dont know what to do! However i am still here typing all these, no one was hurted by the accident. I live far away from my family, i couldnt share or talk to my parents or my sibling or anyone. I feel so lonely in here to do everything on my own and its so hard. Christmas is coming soon but there are so many bad things came to my life.... 

this is just a little part of all these bad days in my life. If you are dealing with a problem or having any sadness inside, pls tell me because i am here to listening to you! 
thanks for reading my story. Sending love from me to you!

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Hey @Kinkin welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your first post with us Heart 

I'm so sorry you were involved in a car accident that must have been so terrifying, I'm so glad that neither you or anyone else was hurt. That is really tough that you are living far away from loved ones, going through something like a car accident can be such a full on experience and not having your loved ones around must be making it even more intense. i'm wondering if you might be interested in getting some one-on-one support online to chat about how your feeling like through Kids Helpline or eheadspace

We are also here to chat through things with you as well @Kinkin, I understand you're feeling lonely and I think its so beautiful that you've said that you are sending love and here to listen to others Heart That is really what this forum is all about. So good to have you here Cat Very Happy

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Hi @Kinkin 

I was recently in a car accident as well, it can be really frightening.

How are you going after all of that?

Is there anything nice you might be able to do for yourself?

Hope you're okay.

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Hi @Kinkin, sorry to hear about the accident. I'm glad that no one got hurt. Thanks for sharing your story and offering support for others Heart. I hope you feel better soon, and happy Christmas!

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Hey @Kinkin I'm sorry to hear about the accident. I've been in two the last few years which I caused, my most recent one was only a couple months ago. I really struggle with that sense of being 'stupid' for doing something like that. In both accidents I've been quite emotionally drained (funnily enough both happened when I was writing psych reports I didn't know how to write...) so I've planned not to drive anymore when my mental health is bad. I've also had to remind myself that literally everyone gets into accidents. That's why they're called 'accidents'!


Hope everyone is doing okay!

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Hi @Kinkin, thank you so much for sharing. I can only imagine just how scary that must have been especially with no support around you. It says so much that you are willing to help other people even though you are struggling right now Heart

Hey @StormySeas17, I am so sorry to hear that you have been in a few accidents. I agree, it can be really scary and easy to blame yourself for what happened. I like what you wrote about trying to remind yourself that it is an accident and everyone makes mistakes. I have had to remind myself of that before too!

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

sorry to hear about everyone’s accidents Smiley Sad although very grateful no one has been hurt.


I haven’t been in one where I was the driver thankfully yet but I nearly ended up in a horrible one a few weeks ago...was driving along a highway, a car illegally pulled in front of me, i slammed on the breaks and skidded so much I went completely into the adjacent lane (it was pouring down with rain). luckily the person in the adjacent lane was able to brake in time. just a reminder to drive extra safely, especially in the rain, and to check your tyre tread!

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Thank you so much for your reply💕

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Thank you so much for reading my story! The accident happened on the way to work and now everytime i go pass that road I got a flashback. I am having some struggles without car now but i think its a lesson for me to learn.

Re: TW: Sharing our problems!

Thank you for sharing your story . After the accident now i will be extremely carefully driving too. Yep i am always over thinking and i think so much when i drive too. Sometimes i even cry when i was driving. I hope i will not do that again Smiley Happy)