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Take a study break with us!

So this is the second part of the 'Let's study together thread'


Need a break from studying? Just not feeling it? Come and 'sit down' and have a chat Smiley Tongue


coffee break.jpg(So the idea here is to just chat about random stuff or just to say look I'm taking a study break- If you like you can tell us what you'll be doing on your break, or link some funny videos, etc)


Breaks are really important so that's why I'm including this in our 'library'


Re: Take a study break with us!

Yay, I finished the research Smiley Happy Gonna take a break now. Then come back to planning my essay later this arvo Smiley Surprised

Re: Take a study break with us!



I'm on a study break all night tonight.. need to try and refresh my brain a bit cause I'm exhausted! So spending the night on RO while watching random episodes on Stan. 


VERY proud of you for finishing research @Lost_Space_Explorer5!! 🎉🎉🎉

Re: Take a study break with us!

Yass that sounds like an awesome study break! @MB95 And thanks haha Smiley Very Happy


Self-Care-Study-Tips-Pic.jpgHelpful link for those of you needing a break-->


Me right nowMe right now
I found a mindful colouring slothI found a mindful colouring sloth'Chill vibes' music

Re: Take a study break with us!

OMG no way!!! 


If I can work out how to print this sloth then I think we should both use it as our study break tool and then share our final masterpieces LOL 


Lovin' the stress tips too! Can 200% relate to the kitty cat @Lost_Space_Explorer5. I worked today then went to uni so have ZERO brain power left in me atm! 

Re: Take a study break with us!

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 YAY well done for finishing your research, what is your topic on?


@MB95 sometimes you honestly just need the night off to be more productive, I can't wait for my night off tomorrow when I submit this assignment!


I'm taking a break from a statistics assignment I have to write another 1500 words by this time tomorrow eeeee. Think I'm going to have a lil dance party in my room (cause I'm home alone so why would not take advantage of being able to blast my music Smiley LOL) then think I might watch a short little YouTube video by one of my favourite youtubers right now Julia Crist I love her productivity videos they really motivate me to be productive too. Does anyone know any other youtubers that do productivity vids??


Hope everyone has a productive day today and I know exams and assignments can be really mentally exhausting but you can do this only a little bit left to go you got this! Heart

Re: Take a study break with us!

Ewwww statistics @celestialdreamer 🤣 YOU CAN DO IT!! Especially after a dance party, that should get ya blood pumping - great idea! I'm not too sure about any productivity vids sorry.. but if you feel like sharing one of yours I'd be keen to check it out! 


What's your favourite type of music to jam it out too? 

Re: Take a study break with us!

Omg a dance party count me IN! Smiley Very Happy

And it's an essay for latin on ovid's metamorphoses

Ew stats is nasty good luck @celestialdreamer

Re: Take a study break with us!

Okay I'm gonna pretend like I know what that is @Lost_Space_Explorer5 ... 🤣 


Also.. how do you upload GIFS? *Yeah go on.. have a laugh at me and how useless I am with technology lol*

Re: Take a study break with us!

Haha you just upload them like a photo? So save the gif and then upload it as a photo and it should work @MB95