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Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@clarii3105  thanks for making this thread! I think after such a wild and stressful year it's important to look at the good things that have happened. 


  • I completed my university degree this year which was pretty exciting
  • I also got into my first relationship and am super happy
  • I became a builder this year as well which has been a fun way to communicate with others when I was in lock down. 



Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

I'm loving this thread so much! So fantastic to read about everyone's different achievements and celebrating the wins of a pretty crazy year. 


1. This will sound cheesy but it's true - I'm incredibly grateful to be able to work here at RO! I love being able to be a part of this community and our parents forums and I learn so much every day from every single person here. 2020 was definitely a bit of a wild ride, but I am also vv grateful that we were able to keep working from home, when so many people lost their jobs or had to deal with the uncertainty of long shutdowns. 

2. After months of meaning to do it and putting it off, I finally recorded my first Couch Choir contribution yesterday! I've done a lot of music training over the years but I am NOT a natural singer and I was super nervous, but excited to be a part of it! 

3. A silver lining of COVID was appreciating the simple things with my family - lots of bushwalks, cooking, board games, and trips to the beach.


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Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@jlw13 Yeah it was pretty good! If I had more space and lived in the right place I might have done an ALS placement. But go for it! I want to do it for relationship counselling too.


@A_Friend What course?? It's so nice to hear that you're finding your purpose Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

This thread it awesome! It makes you think of the good that came with 2020 even though we have been handed quite a crazy time across the world! 

My 2020 was definitely a huge opportunity for self growth, and I am so grateful to have had extra time to really focus on myself and my goals! Apart from the self-growth, something physical that I have accomplished is getting a NEW CAR! Smiley LOL I am super proud of myself and couldn't be happier for the little beast I have bought! 


I'm loving listening to everyone's year and all the goods that have come through with it! Keep it flowinnng Heart

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@mol1912 Your year sounds like a massive goal hitter! Super happy for you and the accomplishments you have made! It is so awesome that you have completed your university degree, that in itself is a stressful game but you made it!

What did you study? and have you rewarded yourself for your massive achievement? Make sure you do! Smiley Very Happy


I am glad your relationship is going so well, and that you are happy with your role as a builder with RO! You have a lot to give Smiley Happy  

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@StormySeas17 , I have transferred to an occupational therapy course and I'm just feel so much less stressed about my studies. How is everything going with you? 

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

Hey @A_Friend, that is totally amazing! It sounds like you made the right choice for yourself Heart What a great feeling.

A good thing about my 2020 is that I also bought myself a brand new car like @Kaylee-RO! I am so proud of myself and never thought I would ever be able to buy a new car. My car before was really old too which I think has made it a bit more rewarding for me too.

I also completed my thesis during lockdown and it is sooo great to have that out of the way now Smiley Happy

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

It's been a hard year but it is incredible as well. Two weeks before the second round lockdown in Melbourne, I have enrolled myself in Taekwondo. I'm gonna double grading next week which is so great for me. Doing exercise absolutely contributes to my mental health.

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

I have a five good things!

1. I got accepted into one of the top performing arts high schools in the country (yay!)

2. I worked out how I am going to be able to buy my first binder

3. I finally accepted the fact that I am non binary

4. My dancing has improved so much, and I got distinctions on both of my exams

5. I finally made an attempt to connect with people like myself online, and I have begun to open up to them Smiley Happy

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@A_Friend That's awesome! And such an important thing to focus on in these times where people need support Smiley Happy I think you'll really enjoy it!


@AmazingPUMP I love TKD, I did it all through high school and then did jiujitsu for a while! Good luck with your double grading Smiley Very Happy


@Mars_Elliot Congratulations! I hope you really enjoy your new school Heart