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Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

There's no doubt that 2020 has been a rough year for most people - between the bushfires that began the year, the pandemic, and now the panic surrounding the US election. So as 2020 nears its end, I thought we could spread some positivity by sharing one good thing (big or small) that happened to us this year! Heart I find that practising gratitude, even for the smallest things, can be really helpful for fostering good mental health.


One good thing that happened to me this year was being able to join the forums as a Builder! It's been really rewarding being able to help others out Heart


Drop one positive (or more!) about your 2020 so far in the comments Smiley Happy

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

Although this year has been tough, so many good things have come out for me.


1. I started uni and am studying an amazing course!

2. I've met some pretty awesome people online through my uni

3. I joined the forums as a builder!


I just want to encourage everyone to see the little successes and achievements this year has brought you; all the laughs and smiles and hugs. Heart

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

1. I have joined a few programs and made awesome friends who like the same things

2. Melbourne had 0 new cases again yesterday woohoo!! I'm not in Melbourne but I think Melburnians did a spectacular job!

3. There's a facebook group about kindness stories that started this year, and it's wonderful to see how many kind beautiful compassionate people there are Heart


I think this year has still been a good year for me despite everything that's been going on. I hope everyone has found something that made them happy too, and hopefully the next year will be great for all of us Smiley LOL

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@November13  thank you for thinking about us!! We have 0 new cases today too Smiley Very Happy


No doubt 2020 was tough but it made me really appreciate all the small things in life and it helped me rediscover my love for reading Smiley LOL


Another positive is I recently discovered a new meditation app called smiling minds and I'm loving it,  it's really helping me to get into mindfulness more!





Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

@clarii3105 this is an amazing thread! Thank you so much for creating it! Smiley Very Happy

Why not 5 good things? Smiley LOL
1. I started volunteering in so many new places, including being on the executive team for my university's women's club!
2. Animal Crossing for the Switch was released, and the game makes me very happy. Heart
3. A bit ironic, but I have never been as social as I've been this year. I've actually been active and talkative in a few of my uni clubs, and I'm always offering advice on my uni's page. 
4. This is just recent, but I discovered that I love backyard astronomy and looking at the moon and stars through binoculars makes me so happy! 
5. I managed to complete a uni unit that I've been stuck on for three years (kept having to drop out because of mental health). Hopefully I'll be off doing honours next year!!

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

Love this idea @clarii3105! Heart


Something good that has happened to me this year is... Having more time to practise hobbies, and reflect. I now feel rejuvenated and ready to refocus and work hard!


Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

I finally landed a job in the field I studied at university. It was a long road getting there so I'm super proud of myself for that.


This year has had a lot of downsides for me and mentally been very tough, but I managed to pick myself up time and time again. I've been reading a lot of books to change my mentality to a positive and peaceful one and I'm so grateful for them.


The current one I'm reading is called Think like a monk by Jay Shetty, it's fantastic! 

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

This is a great thread @clarii3105 ! So good to reflect on the wins and read about the amazing things people have done Heart

That is awesome that you got a job this year @Rosie97, I'm glad to hear you're really proud of yourself, you really should be ! My win for this year is also that I got a job, I feel very privileged to work at ReachOut and talk to amazing young people every day. 

My other win is giving out a lot of feline love, I've currently got my 6th and 7th foster kittens for the year and they bring me a lot of joy Cat Very Happy


Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

So many good things have come this year even though its been tough for everyone. Being able to spend more time with family is great for me. During this time of isolation even though I was away from all my friends I was able to focus on myself for the first time in a while and catch up on things that I love and miss doing. And lastly I was finally able to find a job so thing have currently been looking up for me. 

Re: Tell us one good thing about your 2020!

I joined the RO forums and became a builder Smiley Very Happy And I started volunteering at an op shop