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Thank You!

We don't really get the chance to tell someone personally how they have directly impacted us, so this is a thread where we can say thank you to people who have supported us here on the forums.  You may want to share what the other person did to support you through a tough time, help you learn a bit more about yourself or anything else that makes you want to say THANK YOU!


Re: Thank You!

Nice! @FootyFan26. So cool Smiley Happy What a wonderful idea.


Thanks to all of you - for your insight, sharing your journey's and teaching me the importance of resilience. 

Re: Thank You!

Credit to @Ben-RO the idea!

I'd like to thank @Asche for this reply. I really appreciated it and even though I didn't reply, which I feel a bit bad about, it was really nice to read and made me feel like it was okay not to be okay Smiley Happy.

Re: Thank You!

Thanks @Tabs for helping me last night when I was feeling anxious 

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Re: Thank You!

This is such a good idea @FootyFan26!

Thanks for creating this Smiley Happy 

Re: Thank You!

Thanks to @Bree-RO for helping me out last night!! All of the high fives Smiley Very Happy


Re: Thank You!

what a great thread!


id like to thank @honky@redhead@Bree-RO for their awesome and continuous support on one of my threads Heart

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Re: Thank You!

I wanted to thank you all @RevzZ @mspaceK @May_ @Esperanza67 for your replies Smiley Happy I was freaking out a tad (a lot Smiley Tongue) and it's nice to know that you're hear when I need to rant about uni Smiley Tongue

(ah this thread took me forever to find Smiley Tongue)

Re: Thank You!

No worries @N1ghtW1ng! I didn't even realised this thread even existed haha. It's nice to know that it exists Smiley Happy
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Re: Thank You!

This is such a great thread @FootyFan26, I love it!!

I'd like to thank @Autumn23 for their support when I posted a thread and was struggling a few months back.

And to everyone who has ever replied to me or given me kudos - it means so much to get  those emails in my inbox and to feel part of this community! Heart

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