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That's so gay ! Share the love.!/today/

The site ... reportedly measures the number of ... terms including "faggot" and "dyke" are used daily, weekly and yearly on Twitter. The tally of numbers is indeed staggering: for instance, the term "so gay" was mentioned in a total of 800,000 tweets since July, though the most common was undoubtedly "faggot" (used 2.4 million times in the Twittersphere), according to the site.


Dr. Kristopher Wells, the Associate Director of University of Alberta's Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, said his team's agenda isn't to focus on individual tweets or Twitter users, but simply to demonstrate the "astonishing" frequency in which anti-gay language is used in everyday conversation.


"We make it very clear on our site that we are not in any way implying that the people who have tweeted these words were all intending to be homophobic," Wells told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email statement. "Words have the power to hurt, but they also have the power to heal. We want people to think before they speak and to always be mindful of the power of the language they use."


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Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

Hi everyone !

Just wanted to share this with you all cause I though it was really interesting.

Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

That IS interesting!

It really surprises me that faggot is more common than "so gay". I hear "so gay" much more than faggot in everyday life! I wonder how much the numbers would increase if the word "fag" was included too?!

Think before you post, guys!


And it kind of freaks me out that they are tracking this... But interesting all the same!

Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

Wow that is crazii. I find saying "faggot" so wierd to say I dont like it but the amount of times I hear it is insane.

I agree MM, being tracked like that and not knowing it is a bit of a scare.

Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy
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Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

Words like that thrown around so carelessly annoys me big time! Half the people I hear using them on the streeet have NO IDEA what they mean, or the impact they have on people. I guess we have popular culture to thank for the  crude"reinvention"!   

Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

That is a really interesting article and it also brings up that age-old issue of whether it is OK to use words that are usually derogatory in jest.... and is it only OK for someone that who belongs to that 'group' to use the derogatory term? (ie. Those of Italian or Greek heritage calling themselves 'wogs', or African American rappers using the "N" word).


I am gay and I sometime use the phase "that's so gay" or "that's massively homo" or whatever to describe something that is stereotypically 'gay' in an entertaining way. A lot of my straight friends use similar terms in a similar context and I have no problem with it.


I think in the vast majority of cases it is pretty clear when someone is using those words to vilify and when they are using them as harmless fun. I actually find that straight people who tend to use these words in a joking context are usually the ones that are completely comfortable with their sexuality and everyone elses. It's the people who are very careful, self-conscious and measured in what they say about my sexuality that I usually feel more uncomfortable with. 


What do you guys think - are any of the other gays out there offended by these words?





Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

I'm straight but cringe when people at school or wherever say "that's so gay!" or "what a faggot!" I know a lot of the time they  don't mean it in a homophobic way but it's just that if you think something is crap, say that it's crap. That's what the word 'crap' is for. Don't go around calling it 'gay'...

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Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

Hey Loki,


Yeah I see your point. I guess when the word 'gay' is used as a substitute for 'bad' or 'crap' (which it often is)  its not a good thing. Indirectly it is suggesting that being gay is a bad or negative thing... which it certainly ain't as far as I'm concerned. 





Re: That's so gay ! Share the love.

i don't say things are 'so gay' i don't find it offensive as such I just try to use better vocabulary - like the F word Smiley Tongue lol

I also hate how much that 'B' word is used, seems so mainstream now and yet it is really derogatory.

Sometimes a culture will embrace what was once derogatory to 'take it back' - much like 'queer' being used to describe, well, pretty much any type of sexuality that isn't totally straighty straight rather than being used against gay people.

Words are interesting! Smiley Happy