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The hardest thing to do.....

Today was one of the hardest days i have ever had to date. Today God called an angel home as she was needed up there in heaven to look after her boys.  Today i said good bye to a lady who was amazing. I hope that i can be at least half the women you were Granny. I admit that death does not scare me. It  is “the being forgotten”. But one thing that Granny did was leave a mark on this world so we will alway know she was here. I snapped this photo of Granny and mum holding hands as she drifted towards heaven. Their was one thing that i could never do properly was to be there for my parents. But i thank you Granny for helping to re build that relationship between me and mum and for allowing me to help my mother with losing you. Granny even in this photo it show how strong of a woman you are and how you helped to shape the lady i call mum. Granny you are no longer in pain, and with your dancing shoes on i wish you one last dance with your sons this dance will never have to end for you Granny  Rest In Peace...3DF1D815-1C99-4594-AE3D-2E5C66CAA60A.jpeg


Re: The hardest thing to do.....

@EagleI'm really sorry to hear your Granny has passed, my condolences to you and your family Heart My heart broke reading this as I was really close to my grandma also. Thank you for sharing this photo with us, she sounds like an amazing lady Heart

Re: The hardest thing to do.....

@Eagle (((hugs)))
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just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: The hardest thing to do.....

im sorry to hear about your nan @Eagle hugs Heart

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Re: The hardest thing to do.....

So sorry for your loss @Eagle. That was a beautiful picture, and a beautiful post.

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