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The importance of helping during the Christmas season

Hi guys! <3 I thought I'd pop on to remind everyone how important it is to support those who need it even more during the Christmas season. Christmas is, of course, such a joyous time of the year spent with family and friends. It is also an extremely busy time of year. As much as it is so important to spend time and give to family and friends, it is also important to remember that there are many people who are not able to do so. 

Whether it be an individual who feels or is isolated due to struggles with mental health or someone who just does not have as much support from their loved ones, make sure you reach out to them. There are also certain people who are more vulnerable to mental health issues and social isolation. These may include minorities, the elderly, those struggling with substance abuse and more. Make sure that you do what you can for those you know need to feel loved and supported. 


My sister and I are both musicians and almost every year for the past few years, we'd go around and play Christmas music in a few nursing homes or visit some church members who were in hospital and unable to celebrate back at home with their loved ones. Seeing their faces light up, some of the elderly even getting up to dance, truly made my day. Anything small you can do for the community will be so greatly appreciated. Even if it's just starting a conversation <3 Spread love and support

Re: The importance of helping during the Christmas season

@ayrc_1904  What an inspirational post! I completely agree that there are a lot of benefits to reaching out to people during the holiday season, especially people who are isolated or going through a difficult time. The holidays can be really hard for some people, sadly.

I think it's awesome that you've made a difference in the lives of people! That's really what Christmas is all about. Smiley Happy I also volunteer in a nursing home and I think it really helps a lot of the residents. Until I started volunteering, I didn't realise that a lot of them don't get a lot of social interaction, especially the ones with dementia. Some of them also rarely get visits from their family. It makes me sad because many of them have spent their lives helping their community, such as crafting items for the homeless. I've helped with some of the music and dancing events a few times and they love it. Smiley Happy
Another thing that I do with them is ask about their life, which seems to improve their emotional wellbeing. BeyondBlue have a list of activities that have helped older people here.

Other ways of helping in the holiday season I've seen, but not personally done, are wrapping presents and making cards for children going through a tough time and assisting with a holiday dinner for homeless people.