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Re: The struggle with sleep...



Hi! I haven't worked out how to reply with a quote from a previous post yet, but this is just directed at you…


It sounds like you've tried a range of things to help with your sleep, and that meditation/relaxation has helped a bit. Have you talked with your doctor/any kind of health professional about the teeth grinding and difficulty sleeping? I know you said you've tried a mouthguard, but orthodontists can make specially fitted guards that will hopefully not fall out, if that's something you were interested in trying again. 


I have a friend that used to grind her teeth in her sleep and I can definitely relate to your friends saying that it's really loud! She ended up getting a retainer type mouthguards for her upper jaw with some kind of cushioning (I'm not sure of the specifics) which she's found really helpful.


I'm not sure how much you know about meditation and relaxation, but there's some good tips in the relaxation training ( and ways to relax ( factsheets with exercises that you might be interested in trying Smiley Happy

(Sorry for the links in brackets, hyperlinking isn't working for me)

Re: The struggle with sleep...


Thanks for the reply - any response is immensely supporting. I think I will make an appointment to talk to my GP about this problem. Those links are great. Up until this point, I've been relying on sitting cross-legged in bed, breathing in and out slowly, and letting my back fall onto the bed softly. Something easy I made up. But now I have new techniques I can try! Yes, this teeth-grinding habit is really bad in the long-term. My brother does it too. It adds so much unnecessary pressure/stress to life. Cheers Smiley Happy

Re: The struggle with sleep...

Hey jochan95,


My partner has just got a dentist fitted mouth-guard for the same issue and it is working a treat. So I'd see if you could get one that fits better so it doesn't fall out in the night. 



Re: The struggle with sleep...

I used to have problems sleeping, there where times when I would be wide awake till 2 in the morning.  My mum used to tell me shut my eyes tightly, and I should be able to sleep but it didn't work.... Being a writer, I used my writing to create imaginations, I would imagine a story in my head, and gradually it helped me sleep. 

Re: The struggle with sleep...

That's a great technique, Jaz!
My mum used to say "Think about all the fun things you're going to do tomorrow. Make a list in your head."
I'd be fast asleep by the time I got to #2. Smiley Very Happy