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The wanna-be doctor

So yeah, as you may see "I want to be a doctor." but I am not sure if I can be one.

I am thinking of doing the following subjects next year but apparently Mathmatics is a requirement for Medicine, NOT General Maths.


General Maths, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Business Studies, Chemistry, Biology and Photography.


I don't know what to do. My problem is just maths, other than that, i got the subjects i need to run into my 'dream' but sometimes i think, what's the whole point when my 'dreams' are too big...



Re: The wanna-be doctor

Who says that your dreams are too big? I have a dream of pursuing a PhD and I'm only sixteen Smiley Tongue


I think what's really important is realizing that there are always other ways of getting to where you want to be. A lot of unis these days require you to do a Bachelor degree (sometimes they specify you have to do it in Science/Biomedicine) and then apply for Medicine once you graduate. So even if you don't get into MBBS you're still not disadvantaged Smiley Happy


Another thing, you'll hear this a LOT and that's because it's SO true - DO WHAT YOU ENJOY AND ARE GOOD AT. I made the mistake of choosing a Year 11 subject that I was reasonably good at but absolutely hated. In the end I ended up sticking it out for a term but then quitting halfway through the semester - which resulting in me failing the unit. Don't make that mistake Smiley Tongue If you choose what you enjoy from the beginning you'll make things so much easier for yourself Smiley Happy

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Re: The wanna-be doctor

I don't think the dream is too big - it's totally achievable for you Smiley Happy
They do bridging courses at uni for General Maths to Mathematics or even extension courses... The direct route is only one way of getting in (and it's probably the least fun, come to think about it Smiley Tongue ) Don't give up! Smiley Happy
All your other subjects look great Smiley Happy

Re: The wanna-be doctor

hey Doni,


Those courses all sound great! Although are you choosing them based off of what you think will be useful for medicine, or what you are really interested in? I would strongly encoarge you to do subjects that you really are interested in, because the HSC is a lot of work, and if you're not interested in a subject, it really drags you down, and it becomes really hard to put in enough work. Where as if you are interested in them, you'll be more likely to study, more likely to put in the extra work, and more likely to get a better mark Smiley Happy but if you are interested in these subjects good job! They look really great, and perfect to set you up for any dream size (and whats the point of dreams if you don't dream big?)


I'm not sure which uni you are looking at, but are you sure mathamatics is a requirment? From my knowledge of NSW uni's chemistry is the only required subject or subject with "assumed knowledge" for medicine. Or like Bay2vu said, you could just do a bridging course over the summer holidays, if it looks like it might be a problem.


Re: The wanna-be doctor

Hi Doni99,


you have already recevied some great opinions from other reach out members.


I am about to finish my final year and uni. So I guess im providing abit of hindsight experience. If I look back to my year 11 and year 12 subjects they haven't really helped me with my current degree, that is not saying your subject selections won't be beneficial. What the HSC does prepare you for is your study skills, your routine, how you manage your workload - all things that you will take with you when you start a uni degree. From my experience the HSC  subjects generally only provided some basic skills and knowledge that may be applicable at times throughout later/further study.


I do not think your dreams are too big at all- atleast not until you try and aim for what you want. Your HSC is extremely important (as I am sure the teachers keep telling you) but its not the be all and end all. There are other ways to attain things you want to do. Sure, sometimes we have to take the long way round approach - but if you get where you want to be in the end that is what is most important.


So I say work hard and dream big. Try and enjoy your final years at school - because school isnt that bad. It never seems that way at the time but you might look back one day and think it wasnt too bad at all.


best of luck with your dreams




Re: The wanna-be doctor

Thanks guys, you guys made me feel better.

Appreciate it Smiley Happy Hope I spelled dat right!

So yeah, I'm gonna take the advice you guys and my folks at home give and see if i can blow into my dream.


Smiley Tongue


Re: The wanna-be doctor

Hey Doni99, 


Dreams can never be too big! Smiley Happy



You and I are kind of in the same boat here. I applied for Medicine and I remember countless nights freaking out during high school because I pushed myself over the edge. Needless to say, I didn't get in. I was close...but hey, what can I do now apart from move forward and still chase that dream? 


Time allows to re-evaluate your goals and where you'd like to be. It's been a year since those scary episodes and I must say that my aspirations have changed quite a bit. 


It can be daunting to see the hurdles in front of us but it doesn't mean it's not achievable. Just because you don't succeed at first, it doesn't mean you won't later on. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to accomplish your dream in a short amount of time. Pace yourself and look after yourself - even if it means putting something on the backburner for awhile. It's not much fun when you've pushed yourself too far. 


GOOD LUCK! Smiley Very Happy




Stay excellent