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There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

As many of you guys know ReachOut has once again launched There's Life After (year 12 exams) so does anyone have any advice to those who are about to start their year 12 exams?

Any funny stories that happened when you were studying for or sitting the exams?

Best way to celebrate after the exams finally finish?

Feel free to share your experiences and provide support to those who are about to sit their exams.


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

I give you all one final word. Good luck. It can be stressful studying and working really hard and the most important thing for you all is to take a break. It's okay. There are ALWAYS other routes you can take to get where you want to be. They might be a bit longer, but they are still there.
I'd say the best way to celebrate is to burn your uniforms and throw away all your study notes but if you're a partying person than you go and party!

Whether you are a studier or a procrastinator or somewhere in between, you CAN and you WILL get through your exams! Smiley Very Happy Good luck!

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

First of all, good luck to all the Year 12s about to sit their exams!! It can be hard when you're so focused on studying day after day all building up to your exams, but I think it's definitely important to keep some perspective. Exams are super important, yes, but exams are not the end of the world, in fact once they're over it's just the beginning to all the exciting things afterwards! Smiley Very Happy


I celebrated end of Year 12 by going away for a few nights with some of my closest mates. It was good to finally destress and chill out, but we had this kind of unspoken 'rule' that we did not talk about the exams at all, and that really helped take our minds off it and just focus on having fun! I found that really helpful that I got to have a few days of just not thinking about the end of Year 12 Smiley Happy

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

Everytime i see the word exam i get serious butterflies. 
first exam tomorrow, English, one of the worst. 
Last year i was yr11 and fast tracked yr12 biology which meant i also did the exam, and funny story, i got my period in the first half hour, and i didnt know that you can go out to the toilet and come back, i thought once you left you couldnt come back. So i legit sat there the entire time with no pads or anything doing my exam. 
So a tip, if you think  your period days are close wear a pad or whatever anyway. It was gross. 
Apart from that, i honestly didnt study at all last year cause i didnt realise it was a good idea to do so,..... So study, and even if you dont you'll be fine, cause i got a... i cant remember my scoe but i wasnt unhappy with it. 

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

Me, and almost all of my friends, are a couple of years out of the end of high school. I completely remember how much our school stressed the importance of them. Everyone tells you about how important they are they stress the impact on the rest of your life, but, you know what? In the end it's actually nowhere near as important as it all feels.
The absolute worst thing that can happen at the end of all of this is that your ENTER score is lower than you wanted. And if that happens, it does not stop you from whatever future plans you want.
There are so many alternative entry pathways, including ones that won't add extra time to your career path.

Let yourself relax. You're going to be okay. You've done 13 years of schooling; you're prepared. And if you're not, or if you end up feeling like you screwed up your exams, so what.
Your exam performance and results don't really say anything about you and your potential.

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

Those are all great tips! I remember reading somewhere that eating a handul of almonds just before an exam helps with concentration levels plus my blood sugar likes to drop randomly (it's been better since quitting diet coke and caffiene in general) so I found that having something in my stomach helped.

I only had one exam as I chose to go to TAFE and my aim was just to finish high school (yay for severe anxiety and panic attacks) so I chose all non exam subjects (except for English), but my youngest sister is currently going through exams.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

I initially posted this on another thread, but I'll repost my advice on studying here, just because it's relevant:

"HSC is a stressful year at the best of times (somewhat undeservedly, but that's another conversation), and you won't be as effective as you could be if you spend the entire year burning yourself out. Be strategic about when you're studying- our energy levels dip and recharge throughout the day, so it's important to know what hours you're going to be the most effective and motivated in and use those to study- you can spend the other hours hanging out with friends, napping or gaming and recharging your ability to focus. Set up a schedule, and stick to it. 


A personal tip to help you with this, is to use the environment to your advantage. People are constantly making associations between the environments they're in and what they're doing and what their internal states are - I won't bore you with the science behind this, but suffice it to say, there are just some places that will make you want to study more and help you focus your studying...just as there are places where you'll want to play more and are more likely to be distracted. If you don't have any of these places in mind yet, that's okay. You can create them. Have a room or space set aside in your home or at school or at the local library where you work, and you only work. I mean it. Don't even look at your phone when you're there. If you have to take a call or want to find out what all those facebook messages are about, walk somewhere else THEN look at your phone. You need to guard these places from distractions jealously, or they won't work as triggers to get you in "focus mode" for studying.


On that note, when you need to study and only study- GET RID OF ALL DISTRACTIONS. This will help you focus much better. Leave your phone somewhere else, download your notes and turn off the wifi. You'll find that focussing on "boring" schoolwork is much easier when it's the only form of "entertainment" available.


Finally, SLEEP WELL. This is still something that I struggle with (managing sleep only gets worse when you're in uni), but sleep is critical to your health and brain function. Science shows that sleep is critical to the consolidation of memory - that is, helps you remember things better. Given the choice between no sleep and even a 20 minute power nap, always take the nap. If you're sleep deprived, chances are that you won't be learning terribly much and you'll be keeping even less of it- sleeping means you might miss out on one or two final pieces of studying, but it means you'll remember the bits you did cover a lot better. Sleep is also important for neurogenesis - the growth of new brain cells- in the hippocampus (the bit of your brain responsible for memory)."

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

I wish all of you year 12s the best of luck! I didn't think I could get through it but I did so I know you can too!!

The feeling after my last exam was so's indescribable. A mixture of relief (mostly!), freedom, guilt (feeling like you should be studying all the time) and excitement!

How did everyone go in the English exam today? Once that one was out of the way I know I felt a lot better

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams


This is a great thread. 

I think it's so important to remind year 12 students that there really is life after year 12 exams! 

I was one of those students who really thought it was the end of the world at the time! Smiley Embarassed

I wish I knew back then that if you're passionate and have goals then there really are so many ways to get into the profession that you want (if that's what you want to do)!

Re: There's Life After - advice for those about to sit their year 12 exams

This is advice that really helped me during my TEE exams.


Take a minute during the 'reading' time to look up, look outside a window if you can, take some long deep breaths and repeat affirmation (whatever will resonate with you) that what is in these few papers isn't going to prove your worth or your intelligence. Follow that with a few shoulder rolls to relax!