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Things I like i this world: The nature edition

Inspired by @ayrc_1904 's wonderful "Things I Like In This world" thread, we thought it could be nice to have a thread for all of the adorable, wholesome, and hilarious nature moments that have made you smile, or given you a moment of joy. 


It's been a stressful few months off the back of a HUGE 2020 for a lot of us, and sometimes looking at adorable pictures of puppies/cats/sloths/ fish/ penguins/ turtles, or reading a story about wonderful things in nature, can be the perfect distraction. 


Aww GIFs | Tenor


So we'd love to see things that have made you smile today! 


I'll start off with a few things that I thought were a bit heartwarming 


1. This collection of pictures of enormous dogs who think they're lapdogs



2. These dolphins who were very excited to meet a sloth@Lost_Space_Explorer5  @MB95  this is for you!) 


Dolphins meet sloth


3. The art project I never knew I needed: People who look like their dogs

dog vs owner 1




Would love to see any random animal pictures/ videos/ stories you've seen that make you smile Heart 





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Re: Things I like i this world: The nature edition

Are these dogs real?!?!? THEY ARE HUGE !


Animals meeting each other while lock down was happening was my absolute fav, I also love this seal and lizard becoming besties 


I was also recently targeted (thanks Youtube, you know me well) a video about a baby stoat who is rescued and becomes friends with another baby stoat and I had no idea what a stoat even was it was a delightful journey


Re: Things I like i this world: The nature edition

Hahaha I love seeing people who look like their dogs!


My all time favourite nature thing I like in this world would have to be unusual animal friendships! Nothing can make me *insert puppy dog eyes emoji* quite like seeing odd animals being cute and cuddly!


But seriously, LOOK AT THESE TWO!


Re: Things I like i this world: The nature edition

Not sure if I am too late to post here but I've recently found out that sea otters will link hands with each other while they sleep to prevent each other from floating away.

Otter hand holding.jfif


Another really cute animal that's closer to home is the Quokka which, is also known as the happiest animals on earth. This is because they are well protected by humans in their habitat and hence, they often let us approach them. There are even Quokka selfies.