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Re: Things I like in this world

Haha @ayrc_1904 you're definitely not alone - that's why I love physical books instead of kindles or e-books. 


Aww you guys must be close, I'm sure video calls and texts will make keeping in touch that much easier. And I go to uni in Melbs too!! What a coincidence which uni is she at

Re: Things I like in this world

@ayrc_1904  hahaha I love the idea of randomly bursting into song on public transport, you're so right! There's something a bit bizarre about so many humans in the same place , barely interacting because we're so buried in our phones.  


It reminded me of this video- a carriage of people singing somewhere over the rainbow together on a cold monday morning. so pure and lovely! 



I love pretty much all music! I studied and played classical music originally (violin and classical saxophone), love some indie pop too, folk, disco, lots of other artists I wouldn't know how to classify really! Live music especially brings me so much joy, some of my best memories are seeing artists I love


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Re: Things I like in this world

Not so much 'in this world' anymore... but did anyone see the Mars rover landing today? Smiley Very Happy I set an alarm on my phone to wake up early so I could watch it live, haha.

It makes me so happy, the lengths humans will go for for more knowledge. Seeing images that no one else has ever seen before because they are taken ON A DIFFERENT PLANET! The relief and the joy of all the NASA workers in the room hugging and cheering when it was confirmed on the surface and millions watching online, all united as one... Heart

images (7).jpg

Here's some images from another Mars rover, Curiosity:


I really liked how much they do to inspire younger generations, too. Perseverance and it's helicopter were named by a contest for school children. The future scientists that may invent and design amazing things may not even be born yet. It's really inspiring and is something that gives me so much hope in this often bleak world. 

@clarii3105 delayed reply haha but geocaching is pretty much like a worldwide treasure hunt! If you join up you can see places/ coordinates that have something to find, there's usually clues. They can be very tricky, I found a small one the other day that someone hid in a pinecone! Sometimes all you have to do is sign the logbook inside (a little 'I was here!') but some are big enough to have small swaps, I like to put in little plastic animals haha. Most of all it really gets you to look at things you wouldn't normally notice as you search for it (I've found many evilly disguised as other things lol), I've found so many little areas in my home town I've lived in all my life I would never have realized was there if I wasn't looking! 

Re: Things I like in this world

@nixh  Aw that's awesome! She's at the university of Melbourne Smiley Very Happy

She had a heap of fun with O-week but now the study and classes begin hahaha

Re: Things I like in this world

@Janine-RO Omg that was the most heartwarming video ever!! I would so so so love it if someone came into my train carriage and did that!! Smiley LOL Just a small dose of early morning joy Heart


Wow!! I love both violin and saxophone so much! I play the cello and have done so for like 12 years now and I still love it although I don't take it as seriously as I used to Smiley Happy I love the warm rich and mellow sound of it and it makes me very happy. Heart 


Same with me though- I love so many different types of music. I think I just love music in general- before covid, I played christmas songs at nursing homes with my family every year to bring people some joy since they often can't see their families much, don't have family, or are too sick to go celebrate with loved ones. I seriously think music can heal! I love when the elderly get up and dance or sing along to the songs I play

Re: Things I like in this world

@Hozzles I love this!! Hahaha doesn't have to be in this world! And honestly, if I were to make it in this world, my thing I like would be how amazing and inquisitive humans are and how we love to celebrate things together 

Re: Things I like in this world

@Bre-RO I love them!! 

  • Definitely love adventure! I went on a school trip to Vietnam and Cambodia- The hustle and bustle of the streets is so unique and the smell of delicious food was so lovely. I love visiting countries with their culture and heritage still very untouched by the usual tall skyscraper buildings and roads with cars we see day to day.
  • I went to an Adele concert a few years ago and it was the most surreal experience! My sister and I decided we wanted to start a Mexican wave and soon enough other people in our little seat section caught on and it took like a good 10 minutes but we eventually got the entire stadium to do the mexican wave before the concert began and it was CRAZY!! Seeing so many people do it at once is something I'll probably never see again and it felt so special being a part of it
  • My boyfriend is much more spontaneous than me and brings me on random walks and adventures. He also always says "don't forget to look up" and I really appreciate that because so often we're stuck in our heads and worries or looking down at our phones, and every time I do look up, I see the beauty of the sky or the sun shining through bright green leaves and it makes me so happy
  • Mardi Gras is such a great and colourful celebration and I love all the love that is so evident in the crowds!
  • Food can honestly make my day hahaha after a long day, if i come home and get to have a nice meal, my mood is lifted
  • Laughter is contagious!! I love it!
  • hahaha i also love when an album drops. I'm a taylor swift fan and I love her new album 
  • Smiley LOL same here hahahaha Sunsets are much better for me

Re: Things I like in this world

Thank you for making this thread, reading through put a smile on my face as things have been a bit hard recently. I'd like to contribute too!


1. People who spread joy, like yourselves!

2. Empathy, kindness and patience

3. All sorts of baby animals (yes even insects!)

4. That beautiful feeling of unconditional love (I hope everyone here can experience that properly)

5. Sleeping in on a day off with no responsibilities

6. Brainstorming sentimental gifts for your loved ones and seeing how much they appreciate your efforts





Re: Things I like in this world

Aww @Gbear Baby animals are one of my favourite things in the whole world too!

I love animal families and all the ways animals show they love each other.


Other things I love/things that make me wholesome cry

- Childrens books, especially ones about female role models or celebrating diversity

- Generosity 

- When people who say they "hate cats" become cat people Cat LOL

- Introducing someone to a new food

- A few people have mentioned this one - when you/someone else makes a reference and you get it and you laugh and you are instantly more connected

- this thread. I read this thread often, I think it's really amazing.

- people sticking up for each other

- I love how my partner and I always start crying at the same time when we're watching something, i always know they are crying before I look at them because I am also crying.

- i love huge mugs

- The kindness shown at a medical centre I regularly attend. Everyone there knows we're not seeing each other on our best days so we all make an effort to smile or say nice things in the lift.

- when animals know we're sad and come to comfort us

Re: Things I like in this world

1. When random people are nice to each other (smiling etc.)
2. When little kids wave at you, so you wave back
3. When I can feel the sun on my skin
4. When someone says something that you needed to hear or something that really resonates with you
5. Having a day off to do things you enjoy
6. A nice warm mug of tea
7. Cats, especially when they nudge your face like a little kiss
8. When the community here comes together to support another member
9. I love sweets, I have a big sweet tooth!
10. Doing day to day tasks with friends. It is nice to have friends who you can just do nothing with but still enjoy their company.