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Things I like in this world

I feel there's probably a thread about this or that's at least similar, but I was going through tiktok the other day Smiley LOL (of course) and I found this amazingly positive girl who was doing a series on things that she liked in this world. It wasn't like a 3 things positive in your day or anything, but just random things that when you think about it, are so funny and just make you happy. Recently on there, she's been doing a good deed challenge for every day of January and it's so heartwarming to watch!! Never fails to make me smile Smiley Very Happy


I'll start

1. I like when babies try lemons for the first time and their faces scrunch up all funny

2. I like driving on a newly paved road

3. I like watching elderly people dancing together

4. I like when babies do that sumo wrestler type waddle when they start to learn to walk

5. I like how excited people get at a concert- a huge bunch of strangers bonding over their love for an artist singing their hearts out together

6. I like when people make a birthday wish and blow out their candle

7. I like sitting at the beach when there's not many people around and hearing waves crashing

8. I like seeing someone share their umbrella with a stranger when it starts raining

9. I like how excited people get when they say something at the same time

10. I like when people vibe out to the music you like


Your turn! I'll tag some people online recently 

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I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH. I always believe that appreciating the little things, finding the silver lining, and just learning to laugh at life is such good behavior to have especially during these more difficult times with the pandemic. 


Here are the things that I like in this world.

  1. The satisfying "cronch" on leaves when we step on them.
  2. The feeling of shutting out the world when you walk into the movies and enjoying the air-conditioned, dark, and cozy cinema. 
  3. The first warm sip of a nice cup of coffee or tea.
  4. Those days when the weather is not too cold, and not too warm but it's sunny, and there is a gentle breeze. 
  5. AND one of my favorites -

That first month when Pokemon Go first came out and it felt like we had a massive community and the world was this new adventure. People were going out, walking to parks, socializing with strangers. You knew exactly what others were doing when you saw them walking outside with their friends, despite not talking to them. You had that mutual connection despite not knowing each other. It was a type of feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself, and it was just so fun and fresh to see the world like that, and how involved and excited everyone got no matter what age, race, gender, or culture they were. 


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Omg I love all of those so much!! Smiley LOL 

I was reading them and went "awww" out loud every time hahahaha and then my family were like what are you lookin at? So i showed them and they all go "AWWWW" 


These make my heart feel so warm and fuzzy Heart

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HAHAHA that's so wholesome. Looking forward to what other people contribute and having more AWWW moments.

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I like watching sunrises and sunsets - something that I used to do regularly when I would wake up at 4 to go on runs. I feel like I forget how important the Sun is to sustain life a lot of the time, haha. Like, does anyone else ever think what would happen if the Sun never rose or set?!

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@ayrc_1904 I love this sentiment!


I love that my family finally banded together and got a coffee machine- our coffee tastes so professional and nice now!

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@hunginc SAME!! I was literally thinking that the other day while watching a really pretty sunset. like woah. the sun is amazing. it gives everything life

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Gotta have that nice hot cup of coffee to start the day off right! Smiley Tongue @Tay100 

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I love this idea, it's really wholesome @ayrc_1904 Smiley Happy

I like cats and music Heart

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How wholesome is this thread @ayrc_1904 Heart This just made my day!


1. I like when it's sunny and everything is bright and colourful

2. I like squishy and fluffy things

3. I like when I i blend paint on a canvas and the colours just work together

4. I like when I wake up in the morning and actually feel awake

5. I like street libraries, they are simply the best!