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Re: Things I like in this world

Reading through this thread has seriously made my day @ayrc_1904 , thank you so much for starting it! I'm loving reading through everyone's responses. Here's a few of mine:


1. I like being awake really early and being out for a walk or run in nature, in autumn or winter, when the air is crisp and chilly, and you can see mist rising from the grass, and maybe even some frost. 

2. I like the satisfying feeling of pulling weeds out of the garden and smelling fresh soil

3. I love the smell of the air after a massive thunderstorm in summer

4. I love being outside with people listening to live music as the sun sets

5. I love the smell of freshly ground coffee at dawn and watching the sun rise over the ocean

6. I love hearing people sing to a song they love


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Re: Things I like in this world

This is so wholesome I love it! 

here is a list of the things I love Heart

1. When people are excited to share a cool fact they know 

2. Seeing kids patting animals gently 

3. That moment when I finish a book and I feel so much closure and content 

4. When people do small dances or jigs when listening to music 

5. When the sun passes through leaves 

6. Seeing random couples being shy 

7. Seeing people wearing decorative socks 

8. When someone makes a reference from a TV show or movie you get 

9. That people wear perfume so that they have a special scent 

10. Being in awe of nature and seeing others in awe too 

Re: Things I like in this world

Hey, @ayrc_1904 thanks for making this thread. Thanks to everyone that replied this really made me smile 

1. I love watching old married couples

2. I love the beach 

3. I love nature

4. I love romantic movies

5. I love the sunrise and sunsets

6. I love the change in seasons 

7. I love to dance

8. I love watching people light up or remember something with a song

9. I love watching plants and people grow

10. I love seeing people fall in love

Re: Things I like in this world

very interesting thread!

one of my favourite things in the world is jumping into a bed with nice fresh linen after a shower!
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Re: Things I like in this world

What a wholesome thread @ayrc_1904. Smiley Happy
One of the things I like is the everyday kindness of strangers. For example, when they see me trying to get to a lift and they press the button to hold the door open, even when I haven't even reached the door.

Re: Things I like in this world

@WheresMySquishy that's actually such a great example! Hope you and your family are doing ok too!

Re: Things I like in this world

Reading through this thread genuinely made my day it made me so happy and unlocked so many happy memories. I think this may be my favourite thread.


Things I love:

- When someone gives you a really tight hug and hugs you for a really long time

- The sound of the crash of the waves on the shore (just the beach in general really)

- First thing in the morning when the sun comes through sheer curtains and it's really sunny and sparkly

- When you notice something new on a street you've walked down a thousand times

- When you get into bed at night and it's just the perfect temperature

- When you listen to a song loud through headphones

Re: Things I like in this world

I love this thread so so much! So wholesome, I might have to pop in here often. Heart Here's some I can think of:

1. Listening to someone talk about something they're passionate about.
2. Learning something new and finally 'getting it' after trying again and again.

3. People expressing their love for their siblings.
4. People expressing their love for their friends.
5. People expressing their love in general Smiley LOL.
6. Someone showing they thought of you in small ways e.g. sending you a meme or a picture that reminded them of you.
7. Pride and people being themselves openly, and celebrating themselves.
8. Older LGBT+ people sharing their experiences and looking at younger generations with hope.
9. People from different walks in life/ having different experiences managing to stand together in solidarity for something important to them both.
10. The feeling of reading the last sentence of a book, putting it down, and not knowing what to do or read next while you think about that little world for a while.
11. Sitting at an airport wondering where everyone else is going, knowing you're all on different journeys yet you're sharing the experience of going on some kind of journey.
12. Going on a roadtrip and listening to music really loud in the middle of nowhere, stopping at the side of the road to take a picture (recently I've also been into geocaching! So fun).
13. Seeing stars at night and being overwhelmed how big the galaxy is.
14. Looking at the moon and knowing it's the same moon everyone in history has looked up at.
15. When a whole group of people can't stop laughing at something, and the moment they stop laughing something reminds them of the funny thing and they can't stop again.

@Anzelmo yesss the Pokemon Go summer Heart

Re: Things I like in this world

what a beautiful thread idea @ayrc_1904  Heart for me:


- I love the taste of nice, crisp, fresh fruit

- I love hugs & cuddles

- I love people's eyes (I find it fascinating how everyone's eyes are a unique mix of colours and patterns)

- I love nature, especially forests & oceans

- I love when you discover a snack in the pantry you forgot was there


Re: Things I like in this world

@Hozzles what's geocaching like? I've heard of it but I don't really know what it is!