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Re: Things I like in this world

@ayrc_1904 such a lovely thread to remind us of the beauty of life! 


I like how the sun shines through my window in the morning reminding me to go about the day filled with joy and happiness 

I like the smell of a new book, and how it looks so pristine and untouched 

I like going on hikes and discovering places that I've never been before 

I like it when my family all come together for dinner and we have cute bonding time 

Re: Things I like in this world

I love:

- the big fluffy bumblebees they have in new Zealand 

- the smell of rain

- animals being best friends

- cool breezes 

- the sound of waterfalls and rivers

- huge trees

- sitting watching birds or other animals just living their lives. 

Re: Things I like in this world

ok this is actually really cute, and it genuinely makes you think. So


I really like when two strangers smile at each other

When you see little kids sneaking up to birds, hoping they wont fly away

Seeing people who you havent seen in a while, even if you arent too close to them

I love the sounds of birds in the morning and the coldness of the air 

I love watching the waves at the beach

I like spontaneously dancing with my friends even when there's no music to be heard

I like when babies enjoy your presence and smile at you

I like playing bullsh*t with my friends, or wolf, they're both extremely fun games

I like feeling awkward when I want to make conversation with people who I genuinely admire 

I like when my parents spontaneously buy us fast food


That's all I have at the moment, but I will definitely add more to it Smiley Happy


Re: Things I like in this world

Aw thank you @Sophia-RO  Heart

IKR! Same here! It's nice to just be in the moment with a nice warm drink in hand and with someone you love

Re: Things I like in this world

@PhoneMomma You're so talented!! You can make your own clothes!!! Smiley Surprised

Gosh I'd love to be able to do that hahahaha the last time I knitted anything was a scarf (coz it's easy), but I never really finished it so now it's just a non-functioning kinda long rectangle Smiley LOL



Re: Things I like in this world

@Janine-RO Aww, I'm glad this thread makes your heart sing! Smiley Very HappyHeart

Those are such deeply thought-of things that you love in this world! Yes -something about smells transporting you through time is such a truth. And I love that you randomly chat to people at bus stops and things! I look in the train and bus time to time and I think about how sad it kinda is that everyone is face down looking at their phones when we could be having lively conversation and maybe even making new friends! 


Is it weird that I have an urge to burst into a happy song sometimes on the train just to see peoples' reactions and get people smiling and laughing together rather than just being on phones Smiley LOL


What music do you like? I listen to so many genres ranging from classical and romantic to indie pop haha

Re: Things I like in this world

@nixh Aw those are all so lovely!! Hahaha I thought I was the only one who loved the smell of new books Smiley LOL Some of my friends thought it was so strange hahahahha


Family time is so precious Heart My sister is actually leaving for uni in Melbourne tomorrow so it's my last day with her today before she goes- bitter-sweet! I'll definitely miss seeing her every day though 

Re: Things I like in this world

@Eden1717 Nature is splendid- something about just being in complete stillness in the woods or near the ocean and hearing sounds of nature with the wind in your hair... aahhh Smiley Very Happy


New Zealandddd omggg- I went once and I've been wanting to go back so badly! The grass is such an undescribable green there like it's out of a painting or movie or something!! It just made me so happy Heart

Re: Things I like in this world

@tessy1824 aw hehe I'm glad you like the thread and I can't wait for you to add more! This thread is growing into something I really REALLY love!! And it's so heartwarming to go back on a hard day and read the things that are good in this world.


I also love when two strangers smile at each other too! I think it's to do with the saying that goes- A smile goes a long way. It's so true though! Two strangers who know nothing of each other and are going through their own journeys stop to give each other a smile and it feels like humanity is restored and everything will be okay in that moment. Heart


Smiley LOL Gotta say- also love when the parents just come home from a late night maccas run suddenly hahahaha 

Re: Things I like in this world

Reading through everyone's posts on this thread made me so happy and got me thinking about more things I like in this world Heart 


  • Being on a huge adventure. For me, nothing compares to the feeling of being on a plane (even though I am a terrible flyer) and landing in a new city. I love seeing a new skyline, lighting up the night and swooping down into it. I looove stepping out of an airport and getting my first smell of that place. I'll never forget how excited I was when I first stepped out into Vietnam and I could smell the smokiness of people cooking out on the streets. I will also never forget laughing with my dad as we sat in the back of our taxi, holding on for dear life as we dodged bikes and trucks. 
  • That moment at a live concert where the music stops and everyone is singing together, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. 
  • Unexpectedly fun days/nights where you end up some place you had no clue you'd be and you and your friends talk about all the funny things that happened for days after. 
  • One thing I looove in this world is Mardi Gras. Being in the crowd is amazing and so is being in the parade, stepping out onto Oxford Street and hearing the roar of pride never fails to make me so happy. 
  • Foooood. I've been through phases of having a hard time with eating but I love the feeling food can bring. Especially that comforting feeling of having a meal that you love or the burst of energy you get when you have something packed with nutrition. 
  • Laughing with my best friends. One of my besties is a comic and they never fail to make me laugh, we have spent most of our friendship laughing together and I am so grateful.
  • When a new album drops and you love every song on it!!!
  • Watching the sun set (I'm never up early enough to see it rise lol).