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Re: Three positives of today

1. Got the main part of my group assignment done.
2. Went for a walk.
3. Spent time with my family.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Saw Sarah Murdoch in real life this morning! Gosh she's gorgeous and seems lovely too Smiley Happy)
2. Was sick, but lucky enough to have a boss who sent me home to bed
3. has cuddly kitties at home looking after me.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Made a major step, and didn't get all that stressed beforehand either.
2. Meeting opened up some good prospects.
3. Having a good walk home.

1. Almost finished my meal.
2. Handled myself well with the amount of people.
3. Had some nice time this morning with my dog.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Really enjoyed the face paiting I did at a local fate
2. The kids were mostly appreciative and loved my work.
3. I found the face painting quiet easy, just like a canvas, only on a human face Smiley Happy
4. I took time out to contact my folders I bought from woolies. I got the contact on really smooth and this time there is no air bubbles Smiley Happy

1. I didn't sleep till noon, I was up about 7 normal time (8 day light savings time)
2. I managed to calm myself by watching a tv show with my friend
3. A girl in my rollcall commented on how pretty my hair is today Smiley Happy
4. Having alone time Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Three positives of today

1. Slept in.

2. Had dinner with a friend.

3. Just spent an hour & a half on skype with my best friend who is currently on exchange in Nottingham.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Went to the mental health week art exhibition
2. Had a lychee bubble tea which was yummy
3. Found a really good book to use for my assignment

Re: Three positives of today

I have graduated!!!

My fear of  walking in front of a large number of people, has somewhat disaapered!

The weather is just beautifull!


Re: Three positives of today

1. Did mindfulness.
2. Went for a walk with mum.
3. Saw my friend.

Re: Three positives of today

The weekend:


1. Discovered 'would I lie to you'

2. Made progress and I was complemented on Saturday.

3. Surprised myself on Sunday by still being able to do something on the trampoline.




1. Gardener coming. He seems nice.

2. Teasing mum with bread.

3. Making some good goals.

Extra: 4. I'm about to watch what I expect will involve some rants from David Mitchell.

Re: Three positives of today

1. My Psych's receptionist bulk billed me by accident! Smiley Tongue 

2. The weather is aweesome!! Smiley Happy

3. I'm watching the hunger games