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Re: Three positives of today

1. Went shopping, which I had kind of been avoiding doing, and parking was (pretty) easy! Am happy with myself for parking.
2. Boyf and I had some really nice time together before we had to part.
3. Black forest cake.

1. Wrote a cover letter that, while I feel was written super simply, was probably one of the best legit cover letters I've written.
2. Applied for a job I'd been meaning to for a week.
3. I had to cancel on a friend, but he seemed relieved at it as he hadn't slept.

1. Plans to see two lovely friends made
2. Place I applied to on Monday called me for an interview Smiley Happy
3. Finally applied for residential parking permit
4. Did a good amount of holiday research

1. Went to uni club that I'm actually kinda involved in now's event
2. I didn't take a rough/awkward start to heart, and instead started and sustained conversations with a lot of people/groups.
3. I had real conversations with people I've wanted to but hadn't been able to for a while.
4. I feel like I did my photo-taking responsibilities pretty well.
5. Free drink
6. I spoke to a couple of the old old important people in the club, who were in charge when I was way too intimidated to be involved. It was really nice seeing that difference.

1. While I didn't do the big thing I was meant to do today, I didn't let it keep me down and instead made the day productive.
2. Figured out how I should really be making my hot chocolates, so had a nice hot chocolate!
3. Invited to a little gathering on Saturday
4. Told my dad that I'm planning a holiday

Re: Three positives of today

Mega list of Positives there @Birdeye !!! Smiley Very Happy
COngrats on the job interview; when do you find out if you got the job?

1. Wrote a cover letter
2. APplied for the job
3. Did some colouring in

1. Psychologist appointment
2. Had a laugh when my cat stretched after waking up and fell off the chair!
3. I'm feeling a bit brighter today than I have been the last week or so Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Three positives of today

@Bee the interview is next week, and they seemed very very positive on me. Really though, I doubt it'll work out because I'm about to be away for a month and I'm not sure what hour commitments they're after even if that absence is okay.

Good luck for the job you applied for!

Re: Three positives of today

1. Was laughing my head off in Science today (just couldn't stop laughing)

Image result for laugh emoji

2. My ex-friends are being really nice to me and I think we'll be friends soon Cat Very Happy 

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3. I have yummy chocolate cake for morning tea that my mum made. (no icing or berries but it's still the best)  Smiley Very Happy 

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This is a great thread idea! Loving Reachout!



Re: Three positives of today

@mizzybooklover chocolate cake is the BEST! Smiley Very Happy

@Bee @Birdeye so many positives from both of you!! Love it Smiley Very Happy Heart
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Three positives of today

1. I turned 22! Smiley Surprised So old! Smiley Tongue
2. Had a wonderful, relaxing day
3. Was spoilt with two birthday cakes (one from my sister and one from my boyfriend)
4. Smiled at all the lovely birthday messages I received
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Three positives of today

for yesterday Smiley Happy @lokifish

happy birthday beautiful !!! thank you for all the laughs and being such an amazing mod !! you deserve the world for yesterday💗 thank you for everything Smiley Happy

Re: Three positives of today

  1. Sunny warm day!
  2. Had a great brunch
  3. Bought some herbs yesterday and they seem to be doing okay Smiley Happy

Re: Three positives of today

Get ready for a positives dump!

1. Prac has been going really well
2. I took a reading group and it wasn't a complete disaster
3. I'm getting better at my lessons
4. With one of the lessons I taught, the kids had such happy expressions on their faces.
5. Survived my trip to Sydney
6. Spent a whole day doing ju jitsu on an hours sleep
7. my aunt drove us to the airport (thanks a ton aunt!)
8. Mum picked us up
9. We made it back to QLD before Sydney's curfew
10. Mum bought me a Marvel squishy (yay)
11. I also survived my week when my parents were away, WHILE being sick so woo
12. I FINALLY booked an eye check-up
13. I'm trying.
14. I've nearly paid off all of my LEGO set!!
15. OOOHHHHHH!!!!! If I finish my assignment today I can play with my new set!!
16. I have some nice new shirts to wear
17. My supervising teacher complimented my shirt yesterday Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy (nice pick Mum!)
18. I've actually been having breakfast and some vitamins every morning (bar this morning) this week!
19. I bought a small winnie the pooh toy Smiley Very Happy (now to find the Eeyore!)
20. Rewatched some of B99
21. Pie for dinner
22. Air con, just... air con! (it's way too hot)

That's it I guess Smiley Tongue

Re: Three positives of today

@Birdeye I hope the interview goes well. Sounds like there's a few unanswered questions around it for you, I hope that it works out positively for you <3

@mizzybooklover I love your use of emoji/pictures! Such a clever idea! Smiley Very Happy

@N1ghtW1ng Positives dump! I love that title! So good!!!

1. Ran into a friend in the supermarket
2. Did some colouring
3. My cats have made me smile and laugh today - they're gorgeous

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart