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Re: Three positives of today

1. Today will be a good day
2. It’s going to be ok
3. I’m ok

Re: Three positives of today

positives over the last few days Smiley Happy


1. had an amazing appt with my GP, she is just so caring and loving. she says she’ll be here for me no matter what which no other professional has offered to meHeart

2. spoke to my fav teacher and that went well Smiley Happy

3. my head of house and i are getting close (we use to hate each other’s guts haha)

4. saw one of my older friends who just came back from japan and i received a huge hug from her !!!! Smiley Very Happy

5. my y8 friend and i are getting closer Smiley Happy

6. did a face mask last night !

7. spoke to khl early this morning and the counsellor was actually HELPFUL for once !


Re: Three positives of today

me reading all these positives @litgym @Saltwaterdreamtime @lennycat2017 @Beegiphy (6).gif 

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Three positives of today

1. the weathers been lovley
2. i went for a secenic drive for about 2 hrs and was really nice.
3. i finally found out when my op will be so that i can make arrangements now
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Re: Three positives of today

1. Did yoga after work this morning
2. The weather is really nice - a bit chilly but still sunny!
3. About to eat lunch
4. Tea

5. Watched an inspiring video and then did some journalling/goal setting 


Re: Three positives of today


1. Saw a couple of friends I hadn't seen in a while

2. We went out for lunch and I had the most DELICIOUS vegan pasta

3. Went to a book launch

4. My friend asked me to give him a list of book recommendations, which I gladly did.



1. The trailer for FROZEN 2!!

2. Mum sent me a text for Valentine's Day. It was SO cute!

3. My friend showed me this ADORABLE dog video

4. Found a dress in the kids' section at Target and purchased it to treat myself

5. Went on the treadmill 

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Re: Three positives of today

Wednesday (Yesterday)
1. Remembered the process of some of my tasks for work
2. Got to get to know one of my office colleagues a bit more which was lovely
3. I got to talk to one of the department managers from downstairs at my work when she came up to get change. I really like talking to her - she's so lovely
4. I had yummy pizza for tea
5. I had loud purrs from my kitty
6. The same kitty slept on my bed AGAIN last night which was nice to have her pressed up against me - it was comforting!

1. slept in a bit
2. Mum woke me for my apt with the job search agency
3. The employment consultant with the job search agency was lovely (as always) and was super supportive when I finally opened up about how I was feeling approaching this week. She also encouraged me to reach out to her again if I needed. (which I might yet)
4. I have amazingly supportive friends who I would be lost without
5. I managed to fight through all the thoughts in my head and get my car registered despite the stress of it all

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Three positives of today

1. played with maggie for a long time and she was very cute !

2. ate chocolate 

3. watched big little lies 


Re: Three positives of today

  1. Had a sleep in. 
  2. Had the yummiest overnight oats for breakfast.
  3. Had a really good chat with one of my coworkers. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. The weekend has arrived for me thankfully! Smiley Very Happy
2. It's been a pretty busy and productive week
3. Got all the washing done today
4. Went to an appointment I've been putting off and coped well
5. Got up at 6:30am for the third day in a row and am feeling okay Smiley Happy