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Re: Three positives of today

1. I got through my work shift and it was a decent shift even though it was cold.

2. I had the best long shower. 

3. I had a funny conversation with my boyfriend. 


Re: Three positives of today

So over the weekend:
1. Good times tutoring
2. A successful demo
3. Hot chips and burgers snacks
4. frozen raspberry drink is the best!
5. Got an extension on my assignment (thank gosh, still need to finish it by friday though)
6. I see my psych tomorrow
7. I got out of bed this morning
9. I love my new bed quilt/cover thingy. It's great.
10. No uni today Smiley Tongue (not because it's not on, but because I didn't want to go Smiley Tongue)
11. Watched the Lego Movie 2 again, it was awesome.
12. Had a pretty chill "nothing" week last week.
13. Have been kept pretty busy lately (means no time for wandering thoughts)
14. Listening to some good music right now
15. Didn't actually break my phone last night like I thought I had, a huge relief.
16. Showered.
17. Okay work days.
18. Workshops for the term are finally finished, which means I can have a break.
19. Successful tutoring of high school student, it's going well Smiley Happy
20. Love this godzilla head on my desk (I was going to draw it but haven't yet so it's just sitting here
21. Did I mention the LEGO set? I can't wait to build it!
22. Made a to-do list for some things I need to do. (here's hoping they get done)
23. Nice colours
24. I drew a face that looked like a face!
25. Got some cool resources from my boss
26. Bins truck is finally coming around so I can have an excuse to finally get up and start moving.
27. I have air con (which means I can turn it on and chill out, both literally and figuratively)
28. Getting paid is always a positive.
29. Bought some swimshorts that I wanted, yay. (haven't had the chance to really try them, given my murdered shoulder, but ah well)
30. I SWAM SO MANY LAPS! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy
31. Good swim vibes.
32. Finally caught up on payments with ju jitsu.
33. Have a really awesome team at my club, it's great.
34. My neighbours were playing really loud music but I can't really hear it in my room. Such a relief.
35. I see the physio again tomorrow (please don't kill me for doing ju jitsu when I shouldn't have, I promise I was careful Smiley Tongue)
36. Stretchy things
37. Having a break (for two weeks) from stressful getting home from uni straight to tutoring straight to ju jitsu days.
38. Fun with charcoal
39. Did I mention I have a new water bottle? It's got a unicorn on it and I love it.
40. Might get a swimming buddy sometimes with mum. Yay
41. Freaking good music.
42. Loosing a Saturday student, which means no more needing to cancel for martial arts demos or gradings.
43. Have I mentioned Transformers: Rescue Bots yet? Because that show is worth a positives post all on its own.
(let's get to 50, I need the positivity boost)
44. Supportive mum and dad with my stupid injury
45. Awesome friend who listened to my hystericalness the night I injured myself training.
46. It's nearly the end of March which means I can have a fresh new month on my calendar.
47. Not really feeling itchy from some of my mozzie bites (though there is a persistent one :\)
48. It's nearly the end of school term, which means holidays from tutoring for me! Smiley Very Happy
49. Wonder Woman's come on autoplay again and it's still great Smiley Wink
50. Despite a really shitty week, THERE ARE POSITIVES. So stop being stupid brain.

Re: Three positives of today

  1. I wore my hair out to work and received a lot of compliments about it.
  2. Was offered the opportunity to undertake paid training at work to further my skills.
  3. Finished all of my study notes for one of my units. 

Re: Three positives of today

That was an ENORMOUS list of positives @N1ghtW1ng  - I'm happy for you! Smiley Very Happy



1. Listened to some great podcasts at work.

2. Wrote a book review when I got home.

3. Had my first assessment, which went better than I thought.

4. My sort of supervisor texted me to see how I went -soooo nice of her! Smiley Happy



1. Had a work meeting in the city.

2. My friend said she knows what she's getting me for my birthday, and I wasn't expecting her to get me anything at all!

3. Got some reading done on the train (The Last Romantics)

4. Took a Shebah to and from my next meeting, and the driver was lovely!

5. Made a few phone calls that I'd been avoiding.

6. Am waiting in the library for my friend - will be great to see her! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Three positives of today

1. The teachers at my work smiled at me when I taught their students class and said thank you. 

2. I went to the gym and did about 45 minutes of exercise and the skipping made me feel good. 

3. I tried new food for dinner and I liked it. 

4. I put on a load of washing. 

5. I went to work and had a good shift. 


Re: Three positives of today

Holy heck @N1ghtW1ng ! What an awesome way to show how many little things we have to be grateful for even when our brains try to tell us otherwise! 


Mine for today are: 

1. Completed a fair amount of uni revision 

2. Went to the post office which I have been avoiding for about a week!

3. Made my lunches for the rest of the week 




Re: Three positives of today

1. Despite waking up late I got to work on time
2. I had lovely interactions with colleagues again
3. I got all my work completed

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Three positives of today

1. I got up and had a really productive day.

2. I have been in a relatively good mood for most of the day.

3. It smells nice. 


Re: Three positives of today

1. Came onto RO.
2. Hung out with a girl in my year level at first break.
3. Got my new ID card for school, before going to theatre sports second break.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Watching some of my favourite artists!
2. Rain Smiley Very Happy
3. My shoulder is not getting worse, despite the pain.
4. Doritoes.
5. Chocolate.
6. Pastry lunch!
7. Great tutoring session (both today, and yesterday)
8. Good times at ju jitsu last night
9. I freaking love my water bottle (still)
10. Finished Rescue Bots!!
11. Good psych session, I really like them.
12. My room looks great clean
13. Definitely make a good choice on my new quilt thing, love it.
14. Pumpkin soup for dinner.
15. Such lovely rain, beautiful, cool rain!