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Re: Three positives of today

1. Managed to log in to RO! Smiley Very Happy
2. Have done some colouring today
3. Spent time cuddling my cats Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Three positives of today



1. Saw several of my favourite people.

2. One of them read to me Smiley Very Happy

3. We made a vegan chocolate cake!

4. I was actually able to laugh and feel like I belonged for the first time since losing my job.

5. We had hot chips and potato cakes for dinner. 



1. Managed to concentrate enough at work to be able to listen to some podcasts

2. Didn't sleep through my alarm!

3. My friend at work gave me a card and flowers for my birthday Smiley Happy

4. Caught up with another friend for lunch and she gave me a beautiful card and gift Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Three positives of today

1. I woke up next to my boyfriend and everything felt peaceful just being next to him. 

2. I had a yummy lunch.

3. I got to read my book and play video games and watch new episodes to a TV show I like. 



Re: Three positives of today

1. Went to the ripcurl pro (finally after 4 lay days) also got on the WSL coverage haha! 
2. Met up with a friend?? 👀 while I was there
3. Got the best seat in the house despite it being moved to Winkipop where it is really hard to see, pays to get there early, even though it meant we had to do rotations to get food and go the toilet so nobody took the spot - wide stance, stick the elbows out.
4. Spoke to my mentors on the phone, they have been away all Easter so I didn’t get to see them all.

Re: Three positives of today

1. I feel refreshed after a long sleep 

2. I am about to go for a walk 

3. I have the new GOT to watch 

Re: Three positives of today

1. Today I did several loads of washing.

2. I spent the day relaxing playing games and reading my book in between being productive.

3. I felt well enough to support other users on RO and that makes me happy. 

Re: Three positives of today

  1. I had a good appointment with my psychiatrist
  2. I had a nice lunch with my Mum and sister
  3. I bought some Airpods! 

Re: Three positives of today

1. @mspaceK @Bananatime04 @blobby supporting me.
2. Survived the school day, even tho many comments were said about me to my face.
3. Logged onto RO...

Re: Three positives of today

thankyou @xXLexi_Lou122Xx !

1. I learned the rest of my lines for the musical

2. I started writing a song

3. I got my paper for my new school and camp form signed!

Re: Three positives of today

I am glad you were able to find some positives in your day @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , despite the hardships you are currently facing! 


1. I got to go to the movies with friends.

2. I slept in a fresh bed.

3. I got to relax and play games and organised more things around the house.