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Re: Three positives of today

I haven't done this since May??!?!?!?!?! So much has happened! These shall be in no particular order Smiley Tongue

1. Finally bought new headphones, they're noise cancelling and they're great and I love them. (okay, I love them brain! Don't do your regretful purchase thing)
2. Parents offered to pay half of the headphones as an early birthday gift
(why do I feel like crying brain, I'm happy!)
3. TOOTHLESS WIGGLES! How could I forget how much How To Train Your Dragon makes me happy??? (I need to make a thread on them ASAP)
4. My cat. Nothing more to add Smiley Wink
5. Puppers!
6. Demon pupper didn't scream-bark at another dog that was walking past (yes, I was petting and calling him a good boy like he is and he didn't really notice BUT STILL)
7. I love demon-pupper okay? He's annoying but I love him
8. Finally got that blood test, and booked an appointment for a next week for results that'll hopefully be in by then
9. RO hoodie
10. Clean desk
11. Magical unicorn waterbottle. It might be pink, but I'm so glad I got the unicorn.
12. Embraced the anxiety and asked for the colour headphones I really wanted even though it was such a huge bother on the worker it worked out and it doesn't matter and I'm happy.
13. Freaking Ninjago, I so need to update my thread with all the good things!
14. New season
15. Bought a new set (a few more, actually, from when I last posted)
16. Bluetooth isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
17. I SURVIVED buying headphones! It was a horribly awkward experience, (jbhifi has the worst store layout I have ever seen) but I did it!
18. I finally changed my bedsheets. So...
19. ... I'll get to sleep on clean sheets tonight! (well, that clean-sheet feeling, my other sheets weren't dirty! Smiley Tongue)
20. Successfully finished LEGO work
21. Survived calling out the kids certificates (why do they have to have complicated names??? I have no idea how to pronounce half of them Smiley Tongue)
22. Ju jitsu has been going well.
23. Typed up, printed out and shared my strangle kata with everyone.
24. Have a flow now too, so that's nice.
25. OH did I tell you guys I made my own lock flow too? I like it Smiley Happy
26. Finally got some thicker-than-printer-paper coloured paper to write out my online affirmations (from the compliment thread, I've amassed quite a few in the years I've been a member!) I can't wait to write them out and add them to my affirmation board
27. I should share it... if I can figure out how without showing details (some have my name on them)... because it's cool and I like it.
28. The Latest Kate is great, has an email subscription where she sends one of her lovely positive drawings every day (supposed to be morning, though evening for us Aussies Smiley Tongue) that are so lovely.
30. Organised to go out for lunch and everything, it made me so happy!!
31. Hahaha I nearly wrote the name of the school! Anyway, we did a cool demo at a local school fete! -
32. My cat is being mischievous and opening my wardrobe. What does she want? I don't know. Oh she's left now. Leaving it slightly open. How rude Smiley Tongue
33. It went really well! I helped keep everything on track (and keep our sensei feeling relaxed, you're welcome Smiley Tongue)
34. Did some sword stuff!
35. Shared chips with everyone, it was nice.
36. Someone bought me chips (with my money Smiley Tongue) when they went for a walk. Yay to them!
37. I finally went for it and bought ear plugs to try (so sick of nighttime sounds) They work okay, but I hate sticking things in my ears so I might try and find silicone ones that don't get shoved in your ear like normal ear plugs.
38. Successful drs visit to blood test, mhcp review. The review was super awkward, because I had no idea if it was okay and stuff but it was all successful! Woo!
39. I've had home-made pizza so many times for dinner recently I am not even joking.
41. I eat way too much though, but still yum! And getting those greens in! I put spinach and cheese on mine Smiley Happy
42. The weather has been a mix of nice, too warm (just my room specifically here) and utterly freezing. Overall, okay Smiley Happy
43. I love Ninjago so much.
44. Toothless wiggles.
45. The School of Dragons game is still cool. (and I still suck at flying Smiley Tongue)
46. Today was a good day.
(I AM going to make fifty)
47. Vacuumed my floor today.
48. I think I've found the reminder app I've been looking for and fingers crossed it works!
49. Games Smiley Happy
50. Lots of positives Smiley Happy

Re: Three positives of today

Nice one @N1ghtW1ng! Smiley Tongue Not sure I can top that lol

1. Got out of the house and went to the footy
2. Chatted to some people
3. Saw family that I haven't seen in a while

Re: Three positives of today

Woowza @N1ghtW1ng amazing positives! Smiley Very Happy

1. Managed to help dad replace the keyboard on his laptop. I felt proud of myself for figuring it out Smiley Tongue
2. Kitty cuddles (they are just so darn adorable!)
3. I saved up enough for a new laptop. I bought and it came in last week. I'm happy with it Smiley Happy
4. I got a compliment from my manager last week about a work task I was doing well Smiley Happy It made me smile!

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Re: Three positives of today

I know it is very early in the day but I am proud of myself for getting up and getting ready for my on call job. Even though I didn't actually get called in (which means I have the day off) I was able to do what I needed to do to prepare.


1. I got up early and had a shower.

2. I ate breakfast and prepared food for lunch.

3. I looked up some helpful tips online to prepare for my job. 

4. I am dressed and ready for the day despite not having work. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. The internet is working so I can get back on the forums!

2. Started reading After - which is SO beautifully written!

3. Had work in the morning.

4. Did some colouring in.

5. Called my mum

6. Finished reading Any Ordinary Day

7. Got to leave work early because the computer system was being ridiculously slow

8. My housemate and I are on good terms again and I am SOOO happy about it

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Re: Three positives of today

1. Went to church and did a drawing for my little girl. (Not really my child, but I “adopted” her as a church family child. Smiley Very Happy).
2. This wonderful overall one piece, that mum got me from the op shop. Brand new, and she got them for 2 dollars! Score!
3. Looking forward to a leadership meeting for a kids camp this week, for the church kids. I may be only 14, but I can still be a leader!
4. Just for the fun of it, Chicken Sandwiches for lunch.

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Re: Three positives of today

That sounds amazing! 


1. Got an interview for a volunteer position I applied for

2. Cuddled my dog

3. Ordered an amazing coffee

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Re: Three positives of today

@BookWorm1  ordering a great coffee can definitely make my day too! Smiley Tongue 


1. I met two really nice people and had a great conversation with them 

2. Had some amazing buttermilk pancakes for breakfast 

3. I caught up to date on some work tasks 

Re: Three positives of today

few positives over the past few days
1. gained some new clients
2. got approved for my loan
3. fully paid off some bills
4. got a new car
5. travlled to an area that i wasnt familiar with at all
6. got some new accessories for my new car
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Re: Three positives of today

1. Even though he gives me the shits most of the time I’m so glad to have my brother back home safe with me after an interesting week to say the least

2. The sun is shining today and I have the day off to be with him so the two of us are heading for out for a walk and a coffee

3. Got a phone call I was hoping for at 9 this morning which basically means one of my projects i’ve been doing lots of work for can be locked in, even though that’s awesome and I want to get the ball rolling asap I’m having my day off so trying to just park that until tomorrow.